About the NBN™

The National Broadband Network (NBN™) is rolling out fibre-optic, fixed wireless and satellite infrastructure to replace the existing broadband infrastructure with a faster and more reliable broadband service.

*Boasting download speeds of up to 100 megabits per second (that's four times quicker than the fastest ADSL2+ broadband currently available) the NBN™ is a game changer.

*Based on maximum connection speeds. Actual Speeds could be slower and may differ due to various factors. Find out more about NBN™ speeds

The NBN™ is designed to replace Australia's existing, ageing copper network, which is no longer sufficient to support our growing demand for faster and more reliable internet connections. Whether you are getting connected by fibre-optic (called Fibre to the Home, or FTTH if you want to sound cool at parties), fixed wireless or satellite at your premises, you won't be disappointed by your NBN™ experience.


What does NBN™ mean for you?

Share your broadband

Got a full house? No worries. The NBN™ can handle more devices online at the same time.

Stay in touch

Smoother voice and video calls so you can spend some quality time with those who matter most.


Don't suffer the buffer. Download and stream high quality online media to your heart's content.


Workplace and studies are increasingly digital, with hefty file transfers - the NBN™ will help you keep up with the times.


The NBN™ is less prone to weather conditions, bringing you a more consistent performance.


See it in action

The different flavours of the NBN™

NBN™ Fibre (FTTP)



NBN™ Wireless

NBN™ Satellite (LTSS)