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iiNet Fibre to the Home

With great value unlimited quota plans from $69.99 per month, there is no better time to sign up for Fibre to the Home. It doesn’t stop there. Our Fibre plans are available with no lock-in contract.

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Pay as you go calls
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*Typical Evening Speed indicates download speed and is measured between 7pm-11pm. Actual speeds may vary due to various factors. Learn more about FTTH speeds.

Included Netphone, This should be hidden

Add a call pack


Add Fetch

for the first 24 months

$89.99 setup fee applies

Set top box

Streaming apps

30 movies at any time^

Fetch has a setup fee of $89.99. Fetch requires minimum internet download speed of 3Mbps and 4K resolution requires minimum download speed of 15Mbps, 4K content and 4K TV. Subscriptions required to use Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video. Channel Packs additional cost. ^30 included movies are pre-selected, with a new one added daily.

Choose your TV Channel Packs

Your choice of TV Channel Packs

per mth

Fetch Standard
subscription required

{{iptvPack.displayName}} - Included
- ${{iptvPack.recurringCost}} /mth
NickelodeonNick JrNick MusicCBeebiesBBC KidsBabyTVZooMoo
{{iptvPack.displayName}} - Included
- ${{iptvPack.recurringCost}} /mth
Comedy CentralESPNESPN 2MTV Music TelevisionClub MTVMTV HitsFashion TVEdge
{{iptvPack.displayName}} - Included
- ${{iptvPack.recurringCost}} /mth
TLCUniversal ChannelBBC UKTVBBC FirstMTV ClassicStingray CMusicOxygenDiscovery TurboDiscovery iDCMT
{{iptvPack.displayName}} - Included
- ${{iptvPack.recurringCost}} /mth
Discovery ChannelBBC EarthBBC BritBBC World NewsAnimal PlanetTravel ChannelHGTVMSNBCCNBCTimes NowFood NetworkeuronewsFrance 24Bloomberg TelevisionAl Jazeera EnglishChannel NewsAsiaCuriosityLove Nature

Add all channels instead

Ultimate channel pack - $20/mth
Ultimate channel pack - $20 /mth


beIN Sports 1beIN Sports 2beIN Sports 3

beIN SPORTS is the home of the world’s best football, tennis and rugby stars! Enjoy access to Europe’s best leagues including the Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1. Plus, live coverage of the SPFL, EFL, Carabao Cup, the ATP & WTA Tours, the World Rugby Sevens Series and much more.

Stay in touch and up to date with four leading Italian channels. Enjoy news, movies and general entertainment, creating the feeling of Italy in your home.

RAI ItaliaRAI News 24RAI World PremiumMediaset Italia

YuppTV is one of the world's largest internet-based TV and On-demand service providers for South Asian content, offering more than 161+ Hindi channels, 5000+ Movies, 100+ TV shows in 11 languages. You can sign up via Enjoy Bollywood's biggest movie collection on Eros Now. 1000's of Indian hits, exclusive series and orginals. You can sign up via

Subscription terms and conditions apply. Indian Content Apps are only available on Fetch Mini and Mighty.

Yupp TVErosNow
For an additional $310.00:

Record up to 585 hours of SD TV

Record up to 6 shows at once

Series Recordings to record every episode

Set recordings remotely via Fetch Mobi App

Fetch Mighty

Do you need a modem?

No thanks, I have my own modem

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Not sure if your existing modem is suitable?

We always recommend our WiFi Modem, which is easy to setup and works with Fetch & Netphone.

If you have a modem that you've used to connect to FTTH Broadband previously though, there's a good chance you'll still be able to use that device to get online.

It's best to consult the manual for your current modem, check online, or even call us, as there may be some limitations with your device, for example;

  • May be locked to your previous provider
  • May not be capable of FTTH speeds
  • Not compatible with other products like Netphone & Fetch

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All iiNet Residential Broadband plans come with

Liimitless Data

No excess data usage charges or shaping.

24/7 customer service

Support when you need it most

Plan flexibility

Change between plans at any time

Renter-friendly plans

No lock-in contract means no break fees if you move

FTTH Download speeds

Typical evening speeds indicate typical download speeds between 7pm and 11pm and speeds may vary due to various factors explained below. Fibre25, Fibre50 and Fibre100 indicate the underlying speed tier that your FTTH plan is on and represents the maximum possible speed that is available outside the busy period of 7pm-11pm.


For light online entertainment needs, this plan provides some extra speed.
Standard Typical evening speed 7PM-11PM: 25Mbps
Provides upload speeds of 1-5Mbps.


Recommended for quality streaming or households with multiple devices/users.
Standard Plus Typical evening speed 7PM-11PM: 36Mbps
Provides upload speeds of 1-20Mbps.


Recommended for entertainment lovers or online gamers who need our best available FTTH connection.
Premium Typical evening speed 7PM-11PM: 50Mbps
Provides upload speeds of 1-40Mbps.

Factors that may affect your FTTH connection speed

Quality and capability of hardware
This can include modems, WiFi routers and Ethernet cables.
WiFi signal interference
You can learn how to improve your home or office’s WiFi signal here.
Number of connected devices
When too many devices share the same bandwidth, data flow is limited
Network Congestion
For example, when speeds slow during peak traffic in the evenings.
Which content is being accessed
There may be insufficient server capacity or other issues affecting a specific website or online game.


Call Rates

NBN Plan All FTTH plans + Local, National & Mobile Call Pack
Local calls 15c/call untimed Included
Standard National calls 15c/call untimed Included
Standard Australian Mobile calls 29c per min
(per 30 sec block)
1300 and 13 numbers 30c/call untimed 30c/call untimed
International calls From 5c per min From 5c per min

All FTTH Plans listed above have access to International Call Pack for $10 per month. This includes calls to landlines in our top 20 international destinations.

View international call rates

Download the NetPhone Critical Information Summary

Features & Add-ons

All iiNet Netphone plans come with these features

3-Way Calling

Chat with two people at once, with callers able to leave and join at any time. You can even place one person on hold, allowing you to speak privately with the other.

Call Forwarding Always

Redirect all your calls to another destination. Just specify a forwarding number when you activate. Standard call charges apply.

Call Forwarding Busy

Use Call Forwarding Busy to redirect incoming calls when you're already on the line. Standard call charges apply.

Call Forwarding No Answer

This feature redirects calls when an incoming call is not answered within eight rings. Standard call charges apply.

Calling Line ID Inbound & Outbound

See who's calling you, and have the option to hide your number when making calls. Caller ID is active by default as part of your Netphone service, and should you wish to suppress your number when making a call, simply dial *67 first.

Call Return

Call Return lets you contact your most recent caller, regardless of whether you answered their call. Netphone remembers the last number that called and reconnects you on command. Simply dial *69.

Call Waiting

If you're already on a call, Call Waiting lets you know when someone else is trying to get through. You can place your conversation on hold to answer the second incoming call.

Do Not Disturb

Set your line to busy or have the incoming call forwarded to voice mail as desired.

Voice Mail

Set up your own answering service for when you can't pick up a call. This service comes with free Voice Mail support and a Voice Messaging to Email feature for when you need a copy of the recorded message. Standard call charges apply.

Make the most of your phone service with these extra add-ons

Music on Hold

Entertain your callers while they wait. Music available includes rock, pop, jazz/funk and dance.

$1.95 per

Sequential Ring

Ring up to 3 locations (in addition to your primary phone) in the sequence you supply.

$1.95 per

Simultaneous Ring

With Simultaneous Ring, you can have multiple phones ring simultaneously when calls are received. For example, calls to your desk phone could also ring your mobile, so you can connect from anywhere in the house.

$1.95 per

Is this your first time buying Fibre to the Home Broadband?

To get your broadband up and running, you'll need in your home:

Fibre broadband modem
This is the box that connects you to the internet, via your Fibre Connection Box. We recommend our $59.95 WiFi modem ($10 delivery fee).
A phone handset
To use your included Netphone VoIP service, all you'll need is a standard phone to plug into your VoIP-enabled broadband modem. If you're bringing your own Fibre modem and it isn't VoIP enabled, you'll just need a VoIP adapter (ATA) to connect between your handset and modem.


Optional Extras

Optional Extras
Additional mailboxes
If you need more email addresses than what you get with your plan, you can purchase an additional mailbox. They are charged per year and are covered by our own anti-spam and anti-virus protection.

Setup Fees

Setup Fees
Standard activation
This is our once-off activation fee to get you connected.*
No lock-in contract

* Any cabling that is required in your premises beyond the Network Boundary Point is your responsibility. This does not include the purchase of a Fibre enabled router. There may be additional installation fees for non-standard premises, however your agreement to these fees will be confirmed prior to iiNet setup.

Hardware Non-Return Fees

If you withdraw an order from us (before your service is activated) and receive the modem we supplied to you, you will need to pay for the modem unless it is returned to us in good working order within 21 days of withdrawing your order.

If you cancel your service after it has been activated, any applicable modem payment fees will apply in accordance with the terms and conditions of your chosen service.

Hardware Amount
Hardware Fee $59.95

If you have selected a Fetch plan, received the Fetch Set Top box supplied to you and want to:

  1. withdraw your order from us (before your internet service is activated); or
  2. remove your Fetch subscription only (before your Fetch hardware is activated),

your Fetch setup fees will be credited back to your account once the Set Top box is returned to us in good working order within 21 days of withdrawing your order or removing your Fetch subscription (before Fetch hardware is activated), respectively.

If you cancel your Fetch subscription after it has been activated, any applicable Fetch payment fees are non-refundable.

Fetch Setup Fees Amount
Fetch Mini $59.99
Fetch Mighty $399.99

$10 delivery fees are not refundable.

Term Summary

All iiNet services are bound by our Customer Relationship Agreement. This page offers a quick summary of the terms, fees and guarantees that come with your service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 13 19 17.

  • All iiNet FTTH plans are offered on a no lock-in contract.
  • There is a $79.00 standard setup fee for FTTH; and applies to all plans unless otherwise specified. Installations involving an on-site technician may incur charges payable by you. Our Fibre wholesaler will advise you of any applicable charges.
  • You may choose to use your own modem, or to purchase a new WiFi modem for $59.95. A $10 delivery fee applies.
  • Both uploads and downloads count towards your monthly quota
  • You may switch between our Fibre plans at any time.
  • We do not offer priority assistance, nor support for medi-alert services and monitored alarm systems. Priority assistance is offered by Telstra for people who may be reliant on a telephone service because of a serious medical condition. If you have a medi-alert or priority assistance service or believe that you are eligible, please consider this before proceeding with your order.
  • Netphone is a VoIP service included with every iiNet Fibre plan. To use it, you will require a phone handset and VoIP-compatible modem.
  • For calls on Netphone;
    • Timed international calls are charged per second.
    • Calls to Australian mobile numbers are charged per 30 second block.
    • Included calls are subject to our Acceptable Use Policy.
  • This service is provided on the basis that you waive your Customer Service Guarantee (CSG) in relation to the Netphone. You do not have to agree to the waiver, but if you do not agree, we have the right to decline to supply the service.

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