Business SHDSL

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SHDSL can offer Fibre speeds in more locations nationally and at an affordable rate.

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What is SHDSL?

iiNet SHDSL provides high speed connectivity that’s simple, scalable, flexible and cost-effective. It comes in point to point, point to multipoint, and multipoint configurations, allowing you to design and build solutions tailored to your business needs.

SHDSL technology supports a minimum of 2Mbps, extending up to a maximum data rate 80Mbps/80Mbps (dependent on availability).*


SHDSL allows your business to get the best performance from applications such as IP telephony,
virtual private networks, video conferencing and much more.

  • Fast symmetric connectivity

    Business grade connectivity between all of your office locations.

  • Guaranteed speeds

    For all internet access through IP, VPN and voice services.

  • Easy control of your LAN and WAN

    Using a single transport technology.

  • Robust network with SLA

    Full service level agreements for your business critical applications.

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