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iiNet Business NBN

Rated 5 Stars for Value for
Money and Network Performance^

^As awarded by an independent survey. Available in selected coverage areas.

Small Business NBN™ Plans

If you’re looking for fast small business nbn plans then iiNet Business has you covered. We offer a range of flexible business internet options designed to suit your business needs. You’ll get fast nbn speeds, priority business support and a free static IP address included for an affordable price. Your business can be confident it’s getting one of the best nbn deals available with iiNet Business.

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Please continue to upgrade or relocate your existing {* user.plan *} service at . Alternatively, If you wish to add a new service, please call us.

If you require a voicemail feature, please upgrade to BizPhone. Phones with built-in voicemail will continue to work.

You will be assigned a new static IP address.


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48Mbps Standard Plus
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All Business NBN plans include these extras

Contract flexibility
Change between plans at any time
Priority business support
From our dedicated team
20 mailboxes
Static IP address
A staple for business networking

^ NBN™ Speeds: FTTN, FTTC & FTTB speeds to be confirmed when active. Actual speeds may vary due to many factors including type/source of content being downloaded, hardware and software configuration, the number of users simultaneously using the network and performance of interconnecting infrastructure not operated by iiNet. Devices connected by WiFi may experience slower speeds than those connected by Ethernet cable. *Typical business hours speed indicates download speeds and is measured between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. Learn more about NBN™ speeds.

Local, National & Mobile Call Pack

Includes all your calls to standard Australian landlines and mobiles.


Mobile Call Pack

Includes all your calls to standard Australian mobiles.


Unlimited calls to landlines in our Top 20 international destinations.


  • UK
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Canada
  • USA
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Ireland
  • China
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Indonesia
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan

Speak to us to add BizPhone

VoIP Business Phone

Packed with cloud PABX features and includes all unlimited AUS local, standard & mobile calls.

Call 13 86 89



Min charge $168.90

No lock-in contract

Min cost includes $129 setup + $9.95 delivery fee. See BizPhone page for more details.

NBN™ Connection Device

You'll need a WiFi modem supplied by us and an NBNCo NBN™ Connection Device to get online. We'll ship both of these devices to your nominated delivery address ASAP. Once they arrive, just follow the included setup guides to plug them in and get online.
Learn more

Your address should already have an NBN™ Connection Device (typically connected to a wall socket in your home). If you have confirmed this device is not present, please select 'I don't have one' and we’ll ship a new one along with your WiFi modem.
Learn more

How to Connect the NBN™ Connection Device

To setup your new NBN™ FTTC service, you'll simply connect the NBN™ Connection Device to your iiNet WiFi modem.


at no extra cost

Your Order Summary

Min Charge is
($ / month x 24) + $ activation fee) + Included Wi-Fi Modem ($0 payable ) + $ freight charge + Wi-Fi Modem ( payable ) + $ freight charge + NBN™ Connection Device ($0 payable ) + Business VoIP International Call Pack ($10.00 / month) + Business Enhanced Fibre Phone ($19.95 / month) + ($ / month x 24) + ($ / month + $ activation fee) + $10.00 freight charge (NBN Connection Box) on a 24 month contract. on a no lock-in contract. Modem not included. International rates vary by destination. All of our international rates can be found on our website
Shaped Speed: 8Mbps/1Mbps (Essentials plan only) Learn more

Shaping is the term used to describe the slowing of a connection that’s exceeded its allocated monthly download allowance.

We never charge excess usage fees on plans featuring shaping, but you can always purchase a Data Pack to replenish your quota and get back to full speed.

New Development charge applies if your premises is identified by nbn™ as being within the site boundary of a new development.

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General Information

Here’s some key information about getting iiNet Business NBN™. For more details, please visit our iiHelp FAQ.

How to get NBN™

Our coverage map is automatically updated with the latest information available from NBN Co. If you’ve checked your address and the results advised say that your address is ready to get NBN™ broadband, congratulations!

All you’ll need to do is pick out an NBN™ plan and sign up online, or give one of our small business experts a call on 13 86 89. If it turns out you need a technician to visit and install some NBN™ equipment, don’t worry - we'll help organise this for you.

Can I keep my existing telephone number to use on the NBN™?

In most cases, we can bring your existing telephone number over to the NBN™ network. Just call our dedicated business team on 13 86 89 to discuss the matter further.

Alternatively, you can specify that you’d like to keep your telephone number when you sign up online. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of your number transfer.

I have existing broadband/phone services. How can I upgrade to NBN™?

Typically your address can be upgraded to NBN™ broadband with little to no downtime. More often than not you can continue to use your existing services until your new NBN™ equipment has been installed and your service has been activated. In the meantime, you should check to make sure that your current modem will be compatible with your new NBN™ broadband service. Learn more.

Upgrading is simple, just sign up online or call our dedicated business team on 13 86 89 to get started. If you’re already with iiNet, you can select “Upgrade to NBN” in My Products > Broadband in Toolbox.

Remember: Moving to NBN™ broadband will not necessarily cancel your existing broadband and phone services. Once you've upgraded, please contact your existing provider to ensure your old services are cancelled, otherwise you may continue to be billed for them.

I already have NBN™. How do I switch my NBN™ provider to iiNet?

If you already have an active NBN™ Fibre connected at your address and you'd like to switch to an iiNet Business NBN™ plan, please call us on 1300 455 806 between 8AM-8PM (AEST), Monday to Friday, to arrange a Service Transfer. Once lodged, Service Transfers typically take less than 2 business days to complete, and downtime is typically less than 24 hours.

If you do not own the active NBN™ service connected at your address (i.e. you've just moved in and the previous tenant has left their services connected) then please see Connecting Outstanding FAQ instead.

NBN™ Installation

How long does it take to get connected to NBN™?

Typically, NBN™ connections are completed within 2-20 business days - this varies depending on whether or not you've already had your NBN™ equipment installed as well as NBN™ technician availability.

What happens when NBN™ is installed?

If an NBN™ technician is required to visit your premises to install any required equipment or complete your NBN™ connection, we'll be in touch to book a suitable appointment with you. An installation is typically not required if NBN™ has been previously connected at your address.

The type of equipment you'll receive depends on the type of NBN™ being connected. Give our Connecting to the NBN™ article a read for more information.

NBN™ Download speeds

* Basic typical evening speeds indicate typical download speeds between 7pm and 11pm and speeds may vary due to various factors explained below.

Uses NBN25Standard

*Download speed: between 5Mbps and 25Mbps

Perfect for families and households with multiple devices and broadband users. This plan provides extra speed to go around, so everyone is happy.


Stay ahead of the pack with a starter speed that's perfect to keep up the pace in your business! Take care of your everyday work activities with ease including emails, file sharing and VoIP phone services like our great-value BizPhone product.
Standard Plus Typical business hours speed (9am-5pm Monday to Friday): 48.0Mbps


Larger companies, those in the media industry and other business with frequent upload and download activity will appreciate our Premium NBN™ speed! This option is also ideal for video conferencing, cloud services, online backups and large-scale VoIP or BizPhone setups.
Premium Typical business hours speed (9am-5pm Monday to Friday): 91.0Mbps

Factors that may affect your NBN™ connection speed

NBN™ Infrastructure
For example, the length and quality of copper cabling used in NBN™ FTTN/B has a significant impact on performance.
Coexistence period
NBN™ FTTN/B services are typically limited during the period they must share the same copper line as legacy non-NBN™ services.
Quality and capability of hardware
This can include modems, WiFi routers and Ethernet or phone cables.
WiFi signal interference
You can learn how to improve your office or business premises’ WiFi signal here.
NBN™ Infrastructure
This applies to NBN™ Satellite and Fixed Wireless connections during severe weather conditions, or when the dish/antenna is physically obstructed.
Quality and capability of hardware
This can include modems, WiFi routers and Ethernet or phone cables.
WiFi signal interference
You can learn how to improve your home or office’s WiFi signal here.
Number of connected devices
When too many devices share the same bandwidth, data flow is limited
Network Congestion
For example, when speeds slow during peak traffic in the evenings.
Which content is being accessed
There may be insufficient server capacity or other issues affecting a specific website or service.

* NBN™ Speeds: FTTN, FTTC & FTTB speeds to be confirmed when active. Actual speeds may vary due to many factors including type/source of content being downloaded, hardware and software configuration, the number of users simultaneously using the network and performance of interconnecting infrastructure not operated by iiNet. Devices connected by WiFi may experience slower speeds than those connected by Ethernet cable. Typical Business Hours Speed indicates download speed and is measured between 9am and 5pm. Learn more about NBN™ speeds.

* NBN™ Speeds: Actual speeds may vary due to many factors including type/source of content being downloaded, hardware and software configuration, the number of users simultaneously using the network and performance of interconnecting infrastructure not operated by iiNet. Devices connected by WiFi may experience slower speeds than those connected by Ethernet cable. Typical Evening Speed indicates download speed and is measured between 7pm and 11pm. Learn more about NBN™ speeds.

NBN™ Hardware

Do I need equipment installed by NBN™?

If necessary, an NBN™ technician will complete a standard installation of the required NBN™ equipment at no cost to you. Please note that fees may be incurred for non-standard installations as determined by NBNCo. The technician will be able to advise these fees if this is the case.

Check out Connecting to the NBN™ for more details about the different types of equipment used with the different types of NBN™ services.

Will my current modem/router work with NBN™ broadband?

If you have NBN™ FTTP,FTTB, FTTC, FTTN or HFC then you may be able to use the modem/router that you already own. We suggest that you check with its manufacturer to see if its capable of supporting NBN™ broadband and VoIP (Voice over IP) services. In some cases, your modem may also need to be VDSL2 compatible. Learn more.

Please note: You will be required to purchase an iiNet modem to use your included Phone service. This requirement will be confirmed on-screen or over the phone when you sign up with us.

Modems are typically included or discounted if you take up a 24-month contract when you sign up to iiNet NBN™. If you're getting a modem/router supplied by us, you can rest assured that it will be fully compatible with the type of NBN™ service you're receiving.

Will my medical alarm, security alarm, EFTPOS machine or fax machine work on the NBN™ network?

Many types of devices that are normally connected to phone lines (such as medic alarms, back to base alarms, EFTPOS machines, fax machines and more) can work over the NBN™ network, however please contact the service provider to make sure - you may need to order a specific type of phone service on the NBN™ network in order for these services to continue working.

Please note:

  • iiNet does not offer a Priority Assistance service. If you have Priority Assistance or believe you may be eligible, please consider this before lodging your application.
  • We recommend you register any medical alarm services on the NBN Medical Alarm Register, which can be found on the NBN Co website.


NBN™ Contract & Fees FAQ

With iiNet Business NBN™ broadband, you get the flexibility of choosing either a no lock-in contract term or a 24 month contract term. The table below outlines the differences between the two options:

No lock-in contract 24 month contract No lock-in contract (Existing Customers)
$79.95 activation fee $0 activation fee $0 activation fee
No contract break fees Contract break fees apply No contract break fees
WiFi modem not included WiFi modem included ($10 delivery fee applies) WiFi modem not included


What is the New Development Fee?

Effective 1 April 2016, the $300 New Development Fee (NDF) is charged for all NBN™ broadband connections in the following circumstances:

  • The first connection at a premises in a newly developed area i.e. a suburb with no pre-existing telecommunications infrastructure.
  • The first connection(s) at a premises in an establish area in the rare instance that a developer has increased the number of dwellings on the same plot of land e.g. demolished a single house and built a block of units.

Once the NDF has been charged at an address, it will not be charged again for subsequent connections, provided the number of dwellings at that address has not increased.

At iiNet, we pass on the full $300 NDF charge as billed by our wholesaler, NBN Co, to new customers. For our existing customers switching from another kind of iiNet broadband to iiNet NBN™, we absorb part of this fee and charge just $250. These charges are clearly visible when applying for a service – they are also included in any Critical Information Summary for NBN™ broadband plans sold after 1 April 2016, and the Pricing Schedule of our Customer Relationship Agreement.

Can I change my NBN™ plan after I've signed up?

You sure can! Whether you have a no lock-in contract or a 24 month contract you may switch between our NBN™ plans at any time without incurring contract break fees. A plan change fee of $29 may apply if you change to a plan of lesser value.

If you wish to change your NBN™ plan, check out our Changing your broadband plan in Toolbox guide or simply call us on 13 86 89.

About the NBN™

The National Broadband Network (NBN™) is rolling out fibre-optic, fixed wireless and satellite infrastructure to replace the existing broadband infrastructure with a faster and more reliable broadband service.

The different flavours of the NBN™


Fibre optic cable will lead all the way to your premises, terminating at your NBN™ Utility Box on an outside wall.

NBN™ Fibre


Fibre optic cables connect to your building or a node in your street (or a street nearby) and existing copper cables deliver broadband to your premises.



Fibre optic cables connect to a small node close to your premises and existing copper cables deliver broadband to an NBN™ FTTC Connection Box in your premises.



Coaxial cables deliver broadband to an NBN™ HFC Connection Box in your premises.

NBN™ Wireless

NBN™ Wireless*

An antenna is installed on your roof that delivers broadband from a dedicated NBN™ Wireless tower in your area.

*Business NBN™ Wireless plans are not currently available. For our residential plans, click here.

NBN™ Wireless

NBN™ Satellite^

A satellite dish is installed on your roof that delivers broadband from a dedicated NBN Satellite in the Sky.

Not to be confused with NBN™'s Interim Satellite Service (ISS), this new Satellite - dubbed Sky Muster™ - is part of NBN™'s Long Term Satellite Service (LTSS) and boasts the fastest speeds and largest capacity in Australia satellite broadband history.

^Business NBN™ Satellite plans are not currently available. For our residential plans, click here.

NBN™ Fibre

Check out how NBN™ is delivered.


The NBN™ rollout has commenced across Australia, here at iiNet, we've got you covered. To get started and find out which NBN™ plans are available to you now, simply check your address.

You can also check out the NBN™ rollout progress with our handy NBN™ Rollout Map.

NBN™ Terms

All iiNet services are bound by our Customer Relationship Agreement. This page offers a quick summary of the terms, fees and guarantees that come with your service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 13 86 89.

General Terms

Connecting to the NBN™

  • Once the NBN™ roll out has been completed in your area, services over the legacy copper & HFC (Cable) network will no longer be available at your premises. Any copper & HFC (Cable) services that are still connected at your premises on the Disconnection Date are liable to be disconnected. iiNet Cable services in Geelong, Mildura and Ballarat are not subject to this disconnection.
  • The installation of NBN™ FTTN, FTTC or FTTB will disconnect the current copper-line telecommunications service that is connected to your premises if you have elected to transition your existing copper-line
    • For FTTN & FTTB this will occur outside of your premises during your installation
    • For FTTC this will occur when your NBN™ service is activated, which typically occurs when your NBN™ Connection Box is connected (and working) by either you or an NBN™ Installer
  • Existing ancillary services and devices that rely on your copper-line telecommunications service will no longer work unless you move them to the NBN™ (such as medical alarms, back-to-base alarms, personal response systems, fax machines and EFTPOS). Please check with your device/service manufacturer or provider to see if the device is NBN™ compatible.
    • We recommend you register any medical alarm services on the NBN Medical Alarm Register, which can be found on the NBN Co website.
  • We are responsible for your service up to the Network Boundary Point:
    • For FTTN, FTTC or FTTB this may be the first telephone wall socket in your premises or, in the case of multi-dwelling units, your side of the Main Distribution Frame.
    • For FTTP or HFC this is a Network Termination Device supplied by NBN Co.
  • Customer equipment (such as new or existing cabling and telecommunications outlets) beyond the network boundary point may not work when you connect to NBN™. You may require a registered cabler to connect these to your NBN™ service. You will be responsible for the cost of any such cabling work.
  • Your NBN™ service does not include a battery backup. This means your business will be unable to access any internet and telephony services provided by NBN™ during a power outage. This includes making calls to emergency service numbers like 000. Please ensure you have alternate ways of making calls, such as mobile phone.
  • If you transfer your existing NBN™ service, you understand that you are responsible to your current broadband provider for any charges incurred until this transfer is complete.
  • The activation of your selected services does not necessarily cancel any existing phone or broadband services. It is your responsibility to contact your existing service providers to ensure that unwanted services are cancelled, otherwise you may continue to be billed for them.

Telephony Services

  • Business NBN™ Phone is a phone service that is offered with your Business NBN™ plan. To use it, you will require a standard phone handset (approved for use in Australia) and VoIP-compatible modem.
  • Calls to 000 emergency services are not guaranteed in the event of a power outage.
  • Priority Assistance services are not available from iiNet.
  • Calls to 19/1900 numbers are not available.
  • Calls to certain 'high-risk' international destinations are not available by default.
  • You are required to waive your rights under the Customer Service Guarantee.
  • For calls on Business NBN™ Phone;
    • Timed international calls are charged per second.
    • Calls to Australian mobile numbers are charged per 30 second block.
    • Included calls are subject to our Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Business NBN™ Phone must be paired with an active iiNet Business NBN™ service. If your Business NBN™ plan is cancelled, your Business NBN™ Phone service will also be cancelled.
  • Transferring an existing phone number to NBN™ Phone will disconnect the existing phone service. After a successful transfer, please contact your existing provider to ensure that your phone service and any add-on services are cancelled.


  • There are multiple types of broadband and phone on the NBN™, with different hardware setups and requirements. Learn more.
  • A 24 month contract gives you access to a new $0 NBN™ WiFi modem. A $10 delivery fee applies.
  • You may be required to purchase an iiNet-provided modem to be supplied with an iiNet NBN™ service. This requirement is confirmed in your signup cart.
  • NBN™ FTTC connections require an NBN™ Connection Box, which;
    • May be shipped to you for self-installation (if your premises is eligible)
    • Will reverse-power the NBN™ network to provide you with a working service
    • Remains the property of NBN Co and should not be removed from the premises

All about your quota

  • Both uploads and downloads count towards your monthly quota.
  • If you exceed your monthly Business NBN™ quota you will not be charged excess fees. Instead your Business NBN™ plan will be shaped to the speeds shown below. Unlimited data plans do not have a quota limit.
NBN™ plan Shaped speed
Business NBN50 Essentials 8/1Mbps
Business NBN100 Essentials 8/1Mbps
  • You may purchase a Data Pack to unshape your Business NBN™ service.

Contract Terms

Business NBN™ plans are available on both no lock-in contract and 24 month contract options. If you end your contract early, the below break fees apply. These fees cover the costs reasonably incurred by iiNet when the contract commenced.

All NBN™ Contract Break Fees 0-6 months 7-12 months 13-18 months 19-24 months
NBN™ 24 month contracts $300 $225 $150 $100
No lock-in contract $0 $0 $0 $0

Fair contract guarantee

When you sign up to a contract, you commit to retain your NBN™ service for the set period.

However, our fair contract guarantee lets you change between plans at any time without the need to break your agreed contract.


Withdrawal fees

Withdrawing an order that you have placed with us will attract a withdrawal fee of $60. This is to cover our costs in preparing to supply the service to you.

If you have selected a modem from us, the hardware fee paid will be payable by you unless the modem is returned to us in its original condition

Hardware Amount
Modem on no lock-in contract $89.95
Modem included with plan $60

Delivery fees are not refundable.

Setup Fees

Setup Fees
Standard activation
This is our once-off activation fee to get you connected.*
No lock-in contract
24 month contract
No lock-in contract (Existing Customers)
Business NBN™ WiFi Modem
A customer built modem that supports your Business NBN™ and Business NBN™ Phone service.

Modem purchase may be required and (if required) is confirmed in your signup cart.
No lock-in contract
24 month contract
No lock-in contract (Existing Customers)
Business NBN™ WiFi Modem Delivery
This is our delivery fee to provide you with your Business NBN™ WiFi Modem (if purchased).
Non-Standard setup
Fees may be incurred for non-standard or additional NBN™ installations.
As defined by NBN™ (or iiNet where applicable)
New Development Charge
As of 1st April 2016, NBN Co introduced a connection charge of $300 for each new connection order within a New Development Location. If you are connecting within a development area you may be liable for this charge. More information on these charges can be found here.
New Line Connection Fee
This is a once-off optional fee whenever you choose to install your NBN service on a new line. This option is recommended especially if your business requires continuity of internet services during the transition to NBN.

* Any cabling that is required in your premises beyond the Network Boundary Point is your responsibility. This does not include the purchase of a modem. There may be additional installation fees for non-standard premises, however your agreement to these fees will be confirmed prior to iiNet setup.

NBN™ Data packs

So you've gone a bit crazy on the old downloads. Don't sweat it, we've all been there - just pick up an iiNet Data Pack to replenish your monthly broadband quota. It's a bit of extra quota added to your Peak, Off-Peak or Anytime allowance for full-speed access when you want it. Available through Toolbox. And we promise not to tell anyone. Honest.


provides 10GB
extra usage


provides 20GB
extra usage


provides 50GB
extra usage


provides 100GB
extra usage


provides 200GB
extra usage

Learn more about our data packs.

Business NBN™ Phone

Business NBN™ phone works just like a normal phone, using your internet connection to make and receive calls.

Please note, Business NBN™ Phone is not available if BYO modem option is selected.

Netphone (VoIP)

To get Business NBN™ Phone up and running in your business, you'll need:

A phone handset
Business NBN™ Phone works just like a normal phone. To start using it, all you need is a standard phone plugged into your VoIP-enabled broadband modem. Which means you also need...

A VoIP enabled broadband modem
Time for a shameless plug: we recommend using our available modems because they're easy to set up and play well with Business NBN™.


Business NBN™ Phone includes the following standard features:

  • Calling Line ID Blocking
  • Call Barring
  • Call Forwarding Always, Busy and No Answer
  • 3-Way Call

Please note that by default, NBN™ Phone numbers are not listed in the White Pages directory. Provided that you do not opt in to having your number listed and Calling Line ID Blocking is switched ON, this would be equivalent to a “Silent Number” available for landlines.

Business NBN™ Phone Call Rates

NBN™ Plan Business NBN50/NBN100 Essentials Business NBN50/NBN100 Value Business NBN50/NBN 100 Ultimate
Local calls
15c/call untimed 15c/call untimed Included
Standard National calls
15c/call untimed 15c/call untimed Included
Standard Australian Mobile calls
29c/min (per 30 second block) 29c/min (per 30 second block) Included
1300 and 13 numbers
30c/call untimed 30c/call untimed 30c/call untimed
International calls
From 5c/min From 5c/min From 5c/min

All NBN™ Plans listed above have access to International Call Pack for $10 per month. This includes calls to landlines in our top 20 international destinations.

View international call rates

Download the Business NBN™ Phone Critical Information Summary

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