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iiNet Business SIP Voice

A cloud-ready and cost-effective SIP trunking service for Australian businesses that operates through your own on-site SIP phone or PABX system. 

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Why upgrade to Business SIP Voice?

Works With Your Existing Equipment

Compatible with a wide range of SIP or PABX (also known as PBX) and third-party fixed line internet connections.


From 2 to 30 sessions, you can easily add extra lines based on your business requirements.

Reduce Operating Costs

Plan options include unlimited standard calls for a cost-effective price.


Unlike traditional ISDN systems, iiNet Business SIP Voice won’t be disconnected as a result of the NBN rollout.

How SIP trunking works

iiNet Business SIP Voice is a SIP trunking service that carries your calls over the internet rather than traditional copper lines to simplify your network and allow for greater flexibility, scalability and cost-savings. 

Business SIP Voice features 

Keep Your Existing Numbers*

No need to change any advertising or contact details.

Business Continuity

Power or internet down? No problem- automatically forward calls to other numbers like your mobiles.

Call Forward & Transfer

Control call flow in a number of situations, like when all lines are busy or when staff are away.

Upgrade to our SIP solution

*Porting not available for all carriers.

Requires fixed line broadband connection. Not for telemarketing, call centre function or similar uses.

Download the iiNet Business SIP Voice Critical Information Summary