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iiNet Business SIP Voice

iiNet’s Business SIP Voice lets you use your own on-site SIP or PABX over your internet connection. Save on call costs, leverage your existing equipment and scale as your business grows – just ask our business solutions experts for a tailored proposal for your business.

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Why choose iiNet Business SIP Voice?

Works With Your Existing Equipment

Compatible with a wide range of SIP or PABX (also known as PBX) and third-party fixed line internet connections.


From 2 to 30 sessions, you can easily add extra lines based on your business requirements.

Reduce Operating Costs

Plan options include unlimited standard calls for a cost-effective price.


Unlike traditional ISDN systems, iiNet Business SIP Voice won’t be disconnected as a result of the NBN rollout.

How It Works

With iiNet Business SIP Voice, you can continue to use your existing SIP or PABX and telephony hardware (like your handsets), your calls are simply carried over your internet connection and the iiNet network instead of the old cooper telephone network.

Business-Grade Features

Keep Your Existing Numbers*

No need to change any advertising or contact details.

Business Continuity

Power or internet down? No problem- automatically forward calls to other numbers like your mobiles.

Call Forward & Transfer

Control call flow in a number of situations, like when all lines are busy or when staff are away.

Speak to one of our business solutions experts

*Porting not available for all carriers.

Requires fixed line broadband connection. Not for telemarketing, call centre function or similar uses.

Download the iiNet Business SIP Voice Critical Information Summary