Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code Information

The Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code ("TCP Code") is a comprehensive code of practice for the Telecommunications Industry which sets minimum standards for customer service, advertising, billing, credit/debt management and complaint handling together with a framework for monitoring compliance by service providers.

The TCP Code was developed by the Telecommunications Industry following extensive consultation and negotiation with consumer groups, the Australian Communications and Media Authority and other relevant interest groups.

Some of the significant new obligations that apply to service providers include:

  • Providing standardised summary information about of all its current product offerings in a separate document called a Critical Information Summary.
  • Providing comparative price information for included value plans, such as the cost to make a two minute national call, to send a national SMS (text message) and to download of one megabyte of data.
  • Providing useful notifications for customers with included value products warning them when they are approaching and when they have reached their included value allowance.
  • New requirements for handling complaints quickly and efficiently.

iiNet is committed to following the code and providing our customers with the very best products and customer service. If you would like to talk to us about the code or how we are following it, please contact us by telephone on 13 19 17 or by email at

You may find a copy of the code on the Communications Alliance website at:

Communications Alliance Ltd: Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code (PDF)

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