Competition Privacy

Protecting your personal information is important to us. This statement explains how we collect, use, share and hold your personal information.

What personal information we collect

iiNet is collecting your personal information for the competition you have chosen to enter. The exact information collected may vary, but generally involves your name, email address and contact number. Your residential address and iiNet username may also sometimes be collected.

How we may collect your personal information

iiNet will collect personal information about you when you enter one of our competitions, generally via a competition entry form or via an email entry.

Why we collect your personal information

Your personal information is collected and used by iiNet so we can contact you should you win.

How we may share your personal information

We may need to share your personal information to organisations outside iiNet, for example with suppliers so we can deliver the prize should you be the winner.

There are some circumstances where iiNet may provide your personal information to an organisation located outside of Australia. These organisations work with us to provide professional services in software development, systems and technical support, data storage, marketing and product development. We ensure that these companies take the security and confidentiality of your personal information as seriously as we do. Please see our main privacy statement for further details.

How we hold your personal information

We keep customer information on controlled systems, which are secure against unauthorised access. We will take reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify your personal information when we no longer require it in relation to this competition.

How to access & correct your personal information

We only maintain your personal information for as long as it is required for the competition period.

Please contact us if you wish to access or correct personal information that we hold about you.

Contact us about our privacy statement

If you have any queries concerning this privacy statement, please contact us by calling support on 13 22 58 or email Any privacy complaints will be handled in accordance with our complaint process.

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