About Copyright

Legitimate Content

The Internet has given rise over the past few years to a number of legal, online sources of media content, from films through to TV shows and music.

Netflix is just one of many subscription services which allows you to instantly stream your favourite TV shows and movies right to your device.

Any gamer worth their salt should hit up Steam for a huge range of free-to-play games.

For the software junkies, CNET Downloads is one of the more comprehensive sources of free and free-to-try software, while for digital media you can’t go past the Internet Archive. Since its inception in 1996, the Internet Archive has grown to house over 10 petabytes of information, including moving images, films, live concert recordings and books.

Finally - for book lovers, there are a number of sites that house copyright-free, copyright-expired, electronic licensed and out of print materials, such as Project Gutenberg, or Open Culture.

If you’re a lover of films, games, TV, music, books and more, these sites are an absolute goldmine.

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