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Without meaning to brag (OK maybe a little bit), let's have a look at just how awesome our customer service really is.

We're the best at NPS!

What's NPS?

The NPS system is one of the best ways to measure just how happy customers are with their provider - and it’s something that we take on board quite seriously.

Rather than focusing on what you thought of a particular customer service agent, we ask whether you’re happy enough with us that you would recommend our service to your friends, co-workers, families… you get the picture. Since 2007, we’ve championed our use of NPS as it gives us better insight into what our customers think we’re doing right and where we can improve.

As we move into a future powered by the NBN™, we aim to improve our NPS score by providing even more innovative products and awesome customer service.

iiNet has the most satisfied customers

CHOICE is the leading consumer advocacy group in Australia. Independent and member-funded, CHOICE ensures that Australian consumers have access to the best information to help them choose the best products for their household.

Every year, CHOICE runs their ISP Satisfaction Survey to ask the community how satisfied they are with their internet providers. We’re chuffed to say that iiNet, Internode and Westnet finished top of the charts in 2015 and we’re working hard to keep our customers happy for the years to come.

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