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Cyber Safety

At iiNet we think the Internet is a world of fun, but we also think that it should be safe. Our Cyber Safety portal is your home for helpful hints and tips to keep yourself and your family safe online.

You'll find our latest Cyber Safety blogposts and teaching resources here, which have been specifically designed to teach our kids how to stay safe online and what they should be on the lookout for.

We also host in-house Cyber Safety sessions for school kids that includes a tour of our corporate office. Contact us via the email address at the bottom of this page if you're interested in coming for a visit.


Contained within this module are 8 lessons, focusing on Health, but also delving into English, The Arts, and Technology & Enterprise - all with noted links to the Australian Curriculum. Below are the descriptors of each lesson, along with a recommended sequence of teaching. All lessons are very easy to adapt to suit your year group.

1 - Digital Identity
Years: 5-8 Time est. 60min

An introductory lesson on Digital Identity, which surveys the students’ current understanding of Cyber Safety and appropriate cyber behaviour.

2 - Life before & after the Internet
Years: 6-8 Research task

Students explore life before the introduction of the internet and compare and contrast it to life today, identifying the new social risks that are associated with its introduction.

3 - Digital identity rules
Years: 6-8 Time est. 45min

This is a direct lesson exploring rules for being cyber safe and protecting your identity.

4 - Spams & scams
Years: 6-8 Time est. 60min

Students examine common internet scams, which can put their identity at risk.

5 - Cyber strangers
Years: 6-8 Time est. 45min

A very important lesson, students examine a cyber-interaction and identify the ways in which their identity was put at risk, and the dangers of encountering strangers online.

6 - Create an avatar
Years: 5-7 Time est. 60+min

Students explore ‘avatars’, and why they are a good alternative to profile photos.

7 - Protecting your profile
Years: 7-8 Time est. 60min

Students examine potential identity threats in a mock online social profile and learn about making profiles safer.

8 - Cyber safety game project
Years: 5-7 Research task

A lesson that can be used on its own, or as a finale to the module, students use information they have learned about Cyber Safety to create a board game.

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