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NBN™ Wireless Plans

Future-proof your internet with an iiNet NBN™ Wireless plan. With the speed and included Netphone call options to suit you, our award-winning customer service makes getting fast internet on the NBN™ easy.

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Additional once off $300 nbn™ New Development charge applies if your premises is identified by nbn™ as being within the site boundary of a new development.

* NBN™ Speeds: These speeds are maximum connection speeds as provided by nbn™. Actual throughput speeds may be slower and could vary due to many factors including type/source of content being downloaded, hardware and software configuration, the number of users simultaneously using the network and performance of interconnecting infrastructure not operated by iiNet. Devices connected by WiFi may experience slower speeds than those connected by Ethernet cable. The Basic speed option has an upload line speed of 1Mbps. The Boost speed option has upload speeds between 1Mbps and 5Mbps. Learn more about NBN™ speeds.

^ Included calls subject to Acceptable Use Policy.

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3. Select contract length

No lock-in contract ({{ contractCost(0) | currency }} activation fee)
24 month contract ({{ contractCost(24) | currency }} activation fee)
Optional included Wi-Fi modem.

4. Include Fetch?

Fetch + {{ channelCountDisplay || 'One TV Channel pack' }}

Includes Fetch MiniMighty set top box

Catch-up TV apps built in1

Apps to watch Netflix and Stan2

Over 6000 movies to rent or buy3

30 Included movies4

Fetch Mighty upgrade available
Learn More

+ ${{fetchSTB.onetimeCost}} upfront setup fee

+ $59.99 upfront setup fee

Upgrade to Fetch Mighty
Learn More

Fetch Mighty

All the Mini features plus:

Record up to 585 hours of SD TV

Record up to 6 shows at once

Series Tag to record every episode

Set recordings remotely via the fetch mobile app


Choose your TV Channel Packs

Your choice of TV Channel Pack

{{iptvPack.displayName}} - Included
- ${{iptvPack.recurringCost}} /mth
Disney JuniorDisney ChannelDisney XDNickelodeonNick JrCartoon NetworkZooMooBoomerangCBeebiesBabyTV
{{iptvPack.displayName}} - Included
- ${{iptvPack.recurringCost}} /mth
E! EntertainmentESPNESPN 2Comedy CentralMTV Music TelevisionMTV MusicMTV DanceSpikeStyleeGG NetworkEdgeGarageFashion TV
{{iptvPack.displayName}} - Included
- ${{iptvPack.recurringCost}} /mth
Universal ChannelSyfyBBC UKTVBBC FirstTVH!tsMTV Classic13th Street111 very funnyC Music Channel
{{iptvPack.displayName}} - Included
- ${{iptvPack.recurringCost}} /mth
National Geographic ChannelNat Geo WildNat Geo PeopleHGTVBBC KnowledgeFood NetworkTravel ChannelBBC World NewsCNNCNBCAl Jazeera EnglishFrance 24euronewsNDTV 24X7Channel NewsAsiaCGTNBloomberg Television




Included ${{iptvPack.recurringCost}} per month


Get beIN SPORTS on Fetch. Be it the English Championship, League 1 & League 2, the Italian Series A, German Bundesliga, Capital One Cup, Scottish Football, UEFA Europa League, England Internationals, African Cup of Nations Qualifiers, RBS Six Nations, European Champions Cup or the European Challenge Cup, beIN SPORTS has it covered.

Enjoy your favourite news, dramas, music, movies, food, lifestyle and spiritual shows in your language with no satellite dish required.

&tvBindassET NowNews18RishteySony MAXTimes NowUTV MoviesZee PunjabiZee TVColorsStar PlusARY DigitalLife OKSETSABSahara OnePTC PunjabiZee CinemaStar GoldMTV IndiaNDTV 24X7NDTV IndiaNDTV Good TimesGeo NewsGeo EntertainmentZingHum TV
VivaTVGMA News TV InternationalAksyon TVKapatid TV5GMA Life TVGMA Pinoy TVAudio – DZBBAudio – DWLS
TVB JadeTVBNTVB LifestyleTVB Xing HeTVB JuniorMei Ah MovieCCTV-4Phoenix EuropePhoenix InfonewsShanghai Dragon TV
CCTV-NewsCCTV-4CCTV OperaCCTV EntertainmentChina Movie ChannelBeijing TVShanghai Dragon TVTVSJSBC InternationalHunan TV WorldFujian Straits TVChina Yellow River TVZhejiang TVAnhui TVChongqing TVPhoenix InfonewsChina Tianjin TVSichuan TVGuangxiTaishan TVXiamen StarShenzhen TVPhoenix Europe
KMTVArirangKBS WorldONE SingaporeChannel M
RAI ItaliaRAI News 24RAI World PremiumMediaset Italia

1.Catch-up TV apps available for specific Free-to-Air and Subscription Channels. 2.Netflix and Stan subscriptions are required to access content. Visit Netflix, Stan for full details. Available on 2nd Generation Fetch box and above. 3.Buying content gives you access to that content via your Fetch service. You have access to purchased content for as long as you have your current Fetch account. You will lose access to all purchased content if your account is cancelled or deactivated. 4.30 preselected included movies a month through our Movie Box.

5. Do you need a modem?

No thanks, I have my own modem

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Not sure if your modem will work?

To keep things simple, we recommend our Included WiFi Modem or TG-1 Broadband Gateway, which will support all types of NBN™ broadband and your Included Netphone service.

Most standard broadband modems do not support all types of NBN™ broadband. If you wish to use your own modem, please check with the manufacturer to make sure it can support your NBN™ service.

To use Netphone, your modem must be VoIP compatible. If your modem doesn't support VoIP, you'll need to purchase an additional device called an Analogue Telephone Adaptor (ATA) in order to use your Netphone service.

Learn more about iiNet modems and how they work with the NBN.

6. Sign up now

Shaped Speed: 256/256Kbps Learn more

Shaping is the term used to describe the slowing of a connection that’s exceeded its allocated monthly download allowance.

  • Connections with Anytime quota will be shaped once the total allocated allowance has been reached.
  • For connections featuring Peak and Off-Peak quota, shaping’s only applied to the period in which the allowance has been reached.

We never charge excess usage fees on plans featuring shaping, but you can always purchase a Data Pack to replenish your quota and get back to full speed.

Learn more about NBN™ speeds.

All iiNet Residential NBN Fibre and NBN Wireless plans come with

20 email addresses

1GB webspace

Complimentary email protection

against virus & spam threats

No excess quota usage charges

We simply shape all excess use

24/7 customer service

Support when you need it most

Contract flexibility

Change between plans at any time

Download speeds


*Download speed: between 5Mbps and 12Mbps    Upload speed: 1Mbps
A basic speed to cover the essentials. Ideal if you're a small household with one or two devices connected. If you're unsure which speed you need, it's a great place to start. You can always upgrade later.


*Download speed: between 5Mbps and 25Mbps    Upload speed: between 1Mbps and 5Mbps
Perfect for families and households with multiple devices and broadband users. This plan provides extra speed to go around, so everyone is happy.

* NBN™ Speeds: These speeds are maximum connection speeds as provided by nbn™. Actual throughput speeds may be slower and could vary due to many factors including type/source of content being downloaded, hardware and software configuration, the number of users simultaneously using the network and performance of interconnecting infrastructure not operated by iiNet. Devices connected by WiFi may experience slower speeds than those connected by Ethernet cable. Learn more about NBN™ speeds.

Netphone (VoIP) Call Rates & Info

Netphone rates (NBN Wireless)
NBN PlanNBN 250
NBN Liimitless
NBN Liimitless
Boost Incl LN Calls
NBN Liimitless
Boost Incl LNM Calls
Local calls15c untimed15c untimed Included Included
Standard National calls15c untimed15c untimed Included Included
Standard Australian Mobile calls29c per min
(per 30 sec block)
29c per min
(per 30 sec block)
29c per min
(per 30 sec block)
International callsFrom 5c per minFrom 5c per minFrom 5c per minFrom 5c per min
1300 and 13 numbers30c/call untimed30c/call untimed30c/call untimed30c/call untimed
View international call rates

Download the Netphone Critical Information Summary

Learn more about NBN™ Netphone.

Netphone uses VoIP (Voice over IP) technology and works just like a normal phone. To get your Netphone up and running, you'll need in your home:

A phone handset
Netphone works just like a normal phone. To start using it, all you need is a standard phone plugged into your VoIP-enabled broadband modem.
Which means you also need...

A VoIP enabled broadband modem
Time for a shameless plug: we recommend using our available modems because they're easy to set up and play well with NBN™. Unless you use...

a VoIP adapter (ATA)
If you're not ready for a VoIP-enabled modem, an ATA device will let you plug in your phone handset for Netphone calls.

You may require an iiNet-provided modem to support the type of iiNet NBN™ Netphone available in your area.

Data packs

So you've gone a bit crazy on the old downloads. Don't sweat it, we've all been there - just pick up an iiNet Data Pack to replenish your monthly broadband quota. It's a bit of extra quota added to your Peak, Off-Peak or Anytime allowance for full-speed access when you want it. Available through Toolbox . And we promise not to tell anyone. Honest.


provides 10GB
extra usage


provides 20GB
extra usage


provides 50GB
extra usage


provides 100GB
extra usage


provides 200GB
extra usage

Learn more about our data packs.

Terms Summary

  • Our activation fee of $79.95 applies to standard NBN™ service connections unless otherwise specified. Non-standard or additional installations may incur charges payable by you - NBN™ (or iiNet where applicable) will advise you of any applicable charges.
  • When you sign up for a 24-month contract;
    • your activation fee is waived – saving $79.95 ($99.95 for NBN™ Satellite).
    • you can elect to receive a new WiFi modem for $0. A $10 delivery fee applies.
  • Both uploads and downloads count towards your monthly quota.
  • If you have a monthly data quota and you exceed it, your download and upload speeds are shaped to 256/256kbps for the remainder of your billing month.
  • You may switch between our NBN™ plans at any time without incurring contract break fees. A plan change fee applies when switching to a plan of equal or lesser value.
  • As of 1st April 2016, nbn™ introduced a connection charge of $300 for each new connection order within a New Development Location. If you are connecting within a development area you may be liable for this charge. More information on these charges can be found here.
  • Customer equipment (such as new or existing cabling and telecommunications outlets) beyond the network boundary point may not work when you connect to NBN™. You may require a registered cabler to connect these to your NBN™ service. You will be responsible for the cost of any such cabling work.
  • Netphone is a VoIP service included with every NBN™ and NBN™ Wireless plan. To use it, you will require a phone handset and VoIP-compatible modem.
  • For calls on Netphone;
    • Timed international calls are charged per second.
    • Calls to Australian mobile numbers are charged per 30 second block.
    • Included calls are subject to our Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Depending on the type of NBN™ broadband and Netphone available in your area you may require an iiNet-provided modem.
  • Features on Netphone may vary. Learn more about phone services on the nbn™ network.

For more information, please refer to our terms, fees & guarantees.

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