Looking for an awesome plan offering fast, reliable internet, but don't know which broadband connection is right for you? At iiNet, we provide a wide range of broadband solutions that will be suitable to different people based on location, availability and home phone requirements.

Here is a comparison between the different types of broadband we offer, but we recommend doing a quick address check below to see which products are available to you first. Once you know which services you can get, it'll be a lot easier to compare broadband plans.

Broadband Options


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ADSL or ADSL2+ is a fixed-line internet service that is usually bundled with a home phone. Compare ADSL Plans if you want a reliable landline phone to go with your broadband service.

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Naked DSL

Get rid of old-fashioned
phone line rental.

Naked DSL is a fixed-line internet service without phone line rental. Compare Naked DSL Plans if you want broadband without the extra cost of a home phone, while still being able to make calls using VoIP.

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No lock-in contracts
now available.

The NBN Fibre is a super-fast fixed-line internet service that is replacing ADSL and Naked DSL. Compare NBN Plans and find out if you can get NBN speeds.

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At iiNet, we want to provide you with more than just an internet connection - we want to provide you with fantastic customer service as well. And it seems we are succeeding! Using the NPS scoring system (where we ask whether you would recommend iiNet to others), we rank among the top 3 in Australia - higher than any of the other major telecommunication companies.

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We're connecting Australians with our value-packed NBN, 5G Home Internet and Mobile SIM plans backed by award-winning customer satisfaction.

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