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iiNet to deliver cloud services for SA Govt

2 July 2015

iiNet today announces that it will deliver the benefits of cloud computing, including on-demand deployment and consumption-based pricing, to the SA Government.

The revolutionary cloud model will allow public sector agencies to deploy required technology infrastructure quickly, securely and cost-effectively in minutes instead of months.

iiNet, through its South Australian brand Internode, has concluded the agreement to provide the SA gCloud service to the South Australian Government's departments of Premier and Cabinet (DPC), Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) and Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI). iiNet expects to conclude agreements with other agencies over time.

Delivering on SA Government's Cloud Services Policy announced in April, the agreement will see iiNet provide these agencies with access to Infrastructure-as-a-Service, eliminating the need for them to acquire, own and operate servers, licences, software, and data centres. iiNet will also offer Backup as a Service. Agencies will only pay for services that they consume.

SA Public Sector Minister Susan Close said the SA gCloud initiative was revolutionary at a number of levels. "In line with the Government's SA Connected ICT strategy, it allows agencies to invest in services rather than buying hardware and software," she said.

"This solution improves agility for State Government agencies with no upfront costs and provides the ability to spin up or shut down servers as required in minutes instead of months. Consumption-based pricing requires no minimum spend.

"With the rapidly maturing cloud market, we are now at the point where government agencies can benefit from quicker deployment speeds, greater flexibility and improved value for money by using this model through iiNet.

"SA gCloud will meet stringent security requirements through a dedicated hardware platform, hosted in Adelaide, and contained within the State's central data network. This avoids the need for data to travel across the Internet and benefits from data security controls already in place."

Minister Close said the SA gCloud service offered considerable savings over traditional technology procurement and management processes. “Provision has been made for other agencies to join this arrangement at a later time," she said.

The SA Government selected Internode as its preferred supplier after seeking tenders from the existing pre-approved whole-of-government Hosting Services Panel. The company has a long track record of providing services to the SA Government, including delivering whole-of-government Internet services for the past two decades. iiNet employs more than 500 people in South Australia.

iiNet General Manager Business and Government Daryl Knight said the company was honoured to provide the SA Government with this cloud service. "The pay-as-you-go pricing of this innovative model gives us a strong incentive to deliver great services, which is good news for both the SA Government and for taxpayers," he said.

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