Data quotas boosted for 60,000+ ADSL customers


In a major overhaul, Internode has simplified its broadband plan range and increased data quotas for customers on its most affordable plans by as much as 100 per cent.

For example, Internode has doubled the data quota for its entry-level Easy Broadband plan, from 50 gigabytes to 100 gigabytes per month. Other plan changes include:

  • Internode Easy Reach 75 data quota increases from 75GB to 100GB
  • Internode Easy Broadband 200 plan data quota increased from 200GB to 250GB
  • Internode Easy Naked 200 data quota increases from 200GB to 250GB.

All the upgraded plans will be renamed to reflect their increased data quota.

Broadband Product Manager Adam Bennett said customers on the enhanced plans would automatically receive these increased data quotas. "That's great news for more than 60,000 existing customers, who'll get the benefit of these changes immediately," he said.

"We know 100 gigabytes of data each month is the sweet spot for many customers, so we've made it easier for existing and new customers to get the quota they want across our Easy Broadband and Easy Reach plan ranges. As well as providing that added value, we've been able to simplify our plan range to make it even easier for customers to choose the right plan."

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