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iiNet again welcomes Federal Court Judgment

24 February 2011: iiNet welcomes the Full Federal Court's decision to dismiss the appeal lodged by Roadshow Films & others against iiNet.

Michael Malone, CEO of iiNet, said that the Internet Service Provider has never supported unauthorised sharing or file downloading.

"Today's judgment again demonstrates that the allegations against us have been proven to be unfounded," Mr Malone said.

We urge the Australian film industry to address the growing demand for studio content to be delivered in a timely and cost effective manner to consumers and we remain eager to work with them to make this material available legitimately."

He said there was growing evidence that content partnerships and agreements between ISPs, legal websites and copyright holders was doing more to reduce piracy and showcase copyright holders materials.

"While fighting iiNet in the courts, many of these movie studios have signed content deals with us through our television service, tv. The success of tv was a clear and successful demonstration of the benefits of these partnerships and Australians' strong desire to access affordable legitimate content.

"Most notably, while this case has been important, not just for iiNet, but the entire internet industry, it has not distracted us from our core business.

"We have, and will, continue our growth and innovation strategy that has made us the second largest DSL provider in Australia, as outlined in our strong half‐year results released on Monday," he said.

Mr Malone said while this case unfolded iiNet:

  • acquired Netspace and AAPT Consumer Division
  • became the second largest DSL provider in Australia;
  • launched the very successful BoB and BoB Lite products, providing customers with the
    ultimate all-in-one plug and play internet and phone service;
  • launched mobile voice, the Terabyte plan and small business solutions;
  • continued to grow our customers and revenue; and
  • signed content agreements with a wide range of providers, including Xbox, NineMSN,
    TiVO, Bloomberg, the Sydney Film Festival, Village Roadshow Films and many others.

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