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WiMax Plans

Available exclusively in South Australia and delivered by iiNet's own Adam Internet, WiMAX provides great value high speed broadband in areas where fixed line broadband is not available.

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Shaped Speed: 128/128kbps Learn more

Shaping is the term used to describe the slowing of a connection that’s exceeded its allocated monthly download allowance.

  • Connectionswill be shaped once the total allocated allowance has been reached.
  • No excess fees for going over your monthly quota.

Only downloads count towards your monthly quota when usage is in accordance with our Acceptable Usage Policy

WiMax Speeds: As with every internet connection, your actual speeds may vary due to factors such as the age and specification of your computer, the capabilities of your modem and the condition of your home wiring. In addition, the internet sites you access could experience strong demand, which will affect the site's ability to serve you information as quick as your connection speed.

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Only the Adam Legacy team can perform WiMax sales. Please transfer to the Adam Legacy team (ext. 1947) team for signup.

All iiNet Residential WiMAX plans come with

Liimitless Data

No excess data usage charges or shaping.

24/7 customer service

Support when you need it most

Plan flexibility

Change between plans at any time

Renter-friendly plans

No lock-in contract means no break fees if you move

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