What stands out about iiNet’s products? Nothing really goes wrong with it. We have very little problems, it just works and it’s fast.

Jason Doyle
Studio Commercial


The Business

"At work, I don’t have to spend time worrying about our Internet or phone connection and that frees up time to focus on my business. When anyone asks me to recommend a telecommunications service provider, I always say iiNet as it works for me at home and in the studio."

Studio Commercial is an employee-owned collaborative photography studio based in the heart of the Sydney CBD, with more than 16 years of experience in advertising, fashion, editorial and corporate photography.

Headed up by managing director and photographer Jason Doyle, Studio Commercial consists of five photographers who work on a variety of projects for clients such as Ernst & Young, JP Morgan, Krispy Kreme and Panasonic.

"With iiNet, you just speak to the one person and they always help. It’s efficient, worry-free and just works."
Studio Commercial

The Challenge

Being a small photography studio with a high profile client base means that time is of the essence when it comes to meeting deadlines and communicating with both internal and external parties.

Additionally, working in the fast-paced advertising, marketing and fashion industry requires a relatively swift turnaround with minimal technical issues – one of the many reasons why Jason Doyle has been an iiNet customer for the past nine years.

In 2005, Studio Commercial found themselves at a crossroads when the uptake of digital photography within the business resulted in huge file sizes that were difficult to send via their existing internet service provider.

“At the time, we were transitioning from supplying prints and transparencies – and physically scanning photos – to sending digital files straight to our customers. As the file sizes were pretty large, it was evident we needed a quicker connection to send them in a timely manner,” said Jason.
Studio Commercial

The iiNet Solution

Because of iiNet’s reliable and affordable Internet packages, Studio Commercial came on board as a business customer. “Many of our files are too large to send via email so we typically upload them on a server like Dropbox and send clients a link to download the images,” said Jason. “That quick upload time really does make a difference as about 20 per cent of our clients require the images extremely urgently, so that certainly plays a big part into getting stuff to our clients quicker.”

“Now, sending files virtually is no longer the problem – it’s how fast we can actually get the images retouched!” Jason jokes.

Customer service is also something that Studio Commercial prides itself on delivering, whether it’s helping both big and small clients with their brief, scouting locations, organising catering or sending customised quotes to clients within 24 hours. That’s why Jason knows firsthand how important it is to be professional, efficient and reliable, and looks for these qualities when it comes to his connectivity services.

“Bad customer service in the telecommunications industry is the biggest complaint I hear about from friends and family. As an example, my mum and dad in their late 70s had some problems with their non-iiNet phone service and I was trying to help them resolve their problems. I got passed around to four different people before I found someone that could help me. That never happens with iiNet, you just speak to the one person and they always help. It’s efficient, worry-free and just works.”

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