Having a reliable internet connection is paramount for our business to effectively support our customers, and save us money and time

Judd Taylor
Melbourne Online


The Business

“As a developer of websites, we’re often asked to recommend a good Internet provider. We always recommend iiNet and many of our clients have taken that advice and also become loyal iiNet customers.”

Melbourne Online is a web development business that provides web design and Search Engine Optimisation services. Founded and managed by Judd Taylor, Melbourne Online takes its name from the city it’s based in and its reputation for unique graphic design.

As a home-based web design business, Melbourne Online is heavily dependent on having a great Internet connection. On a daily basis, Melbourne Online responds to emails, manages web hosting servers, reviews customer websites and uploads changes to customer websites.

The business also uploads daily backups to an offsite backup server and uses remote software that allows them to see what their customers see on screen.

“The number one benefit I see with iiNet? A dependable internet connection backed by fantastic local support and competitive pricing.”
Melbourne Online

The iiNet Solution

“Having a reliable internet connection is paramount for our business to effectively support our customers, and save us money and time,” says Judd.

“In particular, our backup mail server hosted with iiNet has proved itself to be an important asset. We run multiple mail servers hosted in different geographical locations so when our primary mail server in Sydney experienced technical issues and was down for half a day, we were able to ensure our customers’ email service continued due to our backup mail server with iiNet.”

Judd’s positive experience with iiNet started back in 2002 when he signed up for an ADSL service based on the recommendation of a good friend. However due to a house move in 2006, Judd had to temporarily swap to another provider but resumed service with iiNet in 2007 as he “missed dealing with locally-based support.”

“My experience with some of the larger telecommunication companies is that often, first level support has minimal knowledge and I have to go through several support staff before getting the assistance I need. With iiNet, the first person you speak with has the knowledge to assist.”

Cost is also an important factor for Melbourne Online, which is one of the many reasons the business has remained a customer for nearly 12 years. “We’re in our 15th year of business now, and having used iiNet for nearly our whole life cycle is a testament to your competitive pricing and great packages that just work.”

“Having been in business this long, we learnt early on the importance of partnering with quality providers and we recommend iiNet to our customers as we know they’ll receive a dependable connection and fantastic local technical support,” concludes Judd.

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