We are thrilled with iiNet and the service they provide us, and the new business opportunities we have due to being connected to the NBN.

John Dare
Andrew Dare Electrical


The Business

Andrew Dare Electrical is an electrical contracting business based in Deloraine on the northwest coast of Tasmania. This is a thriving small business with more than 25 years’ experience in the rural sector. Their clients operate across the state in dairy, irrigation, mining and commercial operations.

"I strongly recommend businesses go with iiNet for their NBN requirements. Our experience with other providers has been challenging in terms of their ability to really understand our needs, so it’s best to save yourself time and go with a provider you know you can trust and will treat you well."

This is a company that also believes in giving back to the community. They hire local staff with extensive local farming expertise. But this doesn’t limit their horizons. Their services range from sophisticated software solutions such as for irrigation to help customers with large scale crop management. In the near future, the company will also be able to provide a solution for remote monitoring of robotic dairy operations.

"iiNet’s whole process of migrating us onto the NBN was very smooth. We had no issues in turning on the connection, and we were really impressed with iiNet’s customer service."

The Challenge

Andrew Dare Electrical

To take the company to the next level, the directors recognised that both improved broadband capability and a telecommunications partner who understood their business would be necessary. The question was which supplier to choose?

Originally already connected to iiNet’s network, Dare Electrical had spoken to a wide number of other potential providers for their NBN connection. When the opportunity arose to better understand iiNet’s NBN expertise, Dare Electrical made their final decision to go with iiNet.

The iiNet Solution

Andrew Dare Electrical

Moving their business to iiNet’s NBN service was a very efficient process, one that the small business strongly recommends to other businesses who want to improve their business output, and experience speedy and cost effective internet connection.

“iiNet’s whole process of migrating us onto the NBN was very smooth. We had no issues in turning on the connection, and we were really impressed with iiNet’s customer service. Any tweaks that needed to be undertaken were done quickly and efficiently,” said John Dare, Managing Director, Andrew Dare Electrical.

Andrew Dare Electrical extensively uses the internet for their business. It is used to keep in touch with customers and to provide online training to customers using their management software.

“Prior to the NBN, the software training courses we held online were very slow and cumbersome. It took forever to upload our training modules, and our customers found it slow to work with. iiNet’s NBN service has really made a difference to how quickly we are able to upload and update our training modules. And our customers are also now having a much better experience,” added John.
Andrew Dare Electrical

Because of the seamless transition Andrew Dare Electrical has had with iiNet’s NBN service, John is now considering moving all his telecommunication requirements to the telco provider.

“We are currently using other service providers for a range of non-NBN telco solutions, but that is going to change shortly. We’re getting rid of our old lines and going with iiNet’s VoiP solutions. Our experience with them has been so good, we trust them to support us on the rest of our business requirements,” added John.

The positive NBN experience has allowed Andrew Dare Electrical to think outside the box too.

“We are using the NBN much more than what we originally expected. Not only does it allow us to better service our customers, but it also expands our business. We are now looking at developing innovative internet based solutions for rural farming challenges, such as remotely controlling complex irrigation systems,” concluded John.

And Andrew Dare Electrical is engaged in looking at how dairy farmers with robotic dairy installations across the region can remotely monitor their dairy operations via the internet.

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