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iiNet Business Connect VPN

Whether your business operates a handful of sites in one city or hundreds across multiple cities, iiNet Business Connect can make them all feel like they’re under one roof.

That’s because when your network is set up with iiNet Business Connect, it runs over iiNet’s private MPLS network backbone rather than the public Internet resulting in better security by separating private traffic from the public domain.

iiNet Business Connect provides a flexible and scalable solution that can be expanded or contracted in response to business requirements. This delivers cost effective network expansion and leverages existing infrastructure, cutting expenditure on new equipment and applications. iiNet Business Connect is delivered at a fixed monthly price per site providing budgetary certainty and is backed by iiNet’s 99.9% High Availability Service Level Agreement.

iiNet Business Connect delivers a consistent and reliable networking performance configured in an “Any to Any” configuration removing single points of failure and the associated complexity of managing networks.

The iiNet Business Connect network is an inherently secure, fully-managed, private IP network which supports prioritisation of time-sensitive data, such as video-conferencing, VoIP services and thin-client applications which ensures application performance. All intra-office traffic is transmitted over iiNet’s network resulting in no traffic charges while communicating between offices.

iiNet Node Monitor

NodeMonitor is iiNet’s solution for online performance monitoring of business networks. It provides customers with access to real time network management tools and information. NodeMonitor allows customers and iiNet corporate support to proactively monitor the availability of the iiNet Business Connect network components.

  • iiNet Node Monitor
  • iiNet Node Monitor

Key Benefits of iiNet Business Connect VPN

iiNet Business Connect has a wide range of options and benefits and solutions are tailor made to meet the exact needs of individual customers.

Quality of Service (QoS) prioritisation

For optimising the performance of applications with differing network requirements (for example, voice and video over IP).

Access to our world-class data centres

Providing high speed connectivity to co-located equipment, managed servers, data storage systems or firewalled Internet.

A variety of high-speed access technologies

iiNet Business Connect is available in a wide variety of access technology options, including ADSL, SHDSL and high-speed Ethernet, ensuring fit-for-purpose connectivity that meets your requirements and budget.

Online performance monitoring

NodeMonitor is included with every iiNet Business Connect network, providing you with ‘at a glance’ status reports on your business network.

Optional ad-hoc ‘secure roaming’ access

Stay connected to mobile staff, management and teleworkers through a VPN connection.

Equipment services

Including design, supply, configuration and management of class-leading Cisco networking equipment.

iiNet Business Connect VPN Network Map

All iiNet products are bound by our Customer Relationship Agreement.This page contains a quick summary of the terms and service levels that we offer with your VPN service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 13 24 49.

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