About Copyright

When we talk about copyright, we're talking about the exclusive rights for creators of original works, such as protecting to protect their works from unauthorised distribution or use. The sort of content that falls into copyright territory includes movies, TV shows, music, books, articles, software and games.

Copyright laws can be confusing, which is why we encourage customers to be really careful when accessing or downloading content they might find online. If someone uses the net to share a copyright work without the owner's permission - say, downloading a copy of a movie, or making it accessible to others - they could be breaking the law by infringing copyright.

Despite the often confusing nature of copyright laws, iiNet doesn't authorise or condone copyright infringement. In fact, we think it's pretty uncool. Our contract terms provide that our customers must not use iiNet's service to commit an offence or infringe another person's rights - this includes copyright infringement. We also have a policy that applies to people who infringe the law. Check out our Repeat Infringer Policy Summary for more.

iiNet does not volunteer personal details or information relating to customers to copyright holders, unless they obtain a court order which requires us to identify who you are.

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