iiNet Wireless Hotspots

iiNet is a leading provider of public WiFi networks and WiFi hotspots in Australia. We are connecting Australians across the nation with free access to our wireless hotspots in social precincts, shopping strips and business centers.

How to connect

Wherever you see the iiNet FREE WiFi logo, you can connect your device by selecting the “iiNet Free WiFi” network and following the steps on-screen. Anyone can access the WiFi for free with a daily limit of 50MB. Sessions expire after 30 minutes but as long as you haven’t exceeded the 50MB limit, there’s no restriction on reconnecting.

More options for iiNet customers

iiNet customers can choose to tap into their home broadband quota by logging in to the 'iiNet Customer' network with their account details. This premium, secure iiNet Customer WiFi service has no time or download limits - data usage from the session will simply be deducted from your monthly broadband quota. The usage will be displayed as ‘National WiFi’ in Toolbox.

WiFi networks

iiNet is involved in a number of major initiatives outlined below.

Public WiFi Help Desk Support Line

Connection troubles? Call 1300 668 847
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm(WST)

Wollongong Corrimal Caravan Tourist Park WiFi

This is a commercial Wifi network for the Wollongong Council for their Corrimal Caravan Park on the beach. The "SSID is iiNetFREE.

How to connect

Simply search for 'CBRfree' on your device and once you've accepted the Terms and Conditions you'll be free to browse while out and about!

Canberra WiFi

digital canberra

Australia's largest free public WiFi network has been announced by iiNet and the ACT Government. Twelve locations across Canberra will receive WiFi coverage by June 2015.

How to connect

Simply search for 'CBRfree' on your device and once you've accepted the Terms and Conditions you'll be free to browse while out and about!

Perth Arena & Perth T2 Airport

perth arena

We’ve upgraded the experience for visitors to both the Perth Arena and Perth T2 Domestic Terminal, with free WiFi available throughout both venues.

How to connect

To get online, simply look for the iiNet WiFi network on your device, and follow the steps to get online.

London Taxi (Perth)

London cab with wifi iiNet London cab

Australia's first fleet of London Taxis have recently hit Perth roads, and we're providing free WiFi in each & every cab!

The iconic cabs are a part of a State Government sponsored trial to improve taxi safety, standards and availability in WA.

For more information on the fleet, and to order a cab, just visit, or call 135 222.

How to connect

When you're in a cab, just look for the 'iiNetLondonTaxi' WiFi network on your device, and connect. It's as simple as that.

Adelaide City WiFi

adelaide wifi

Our friends at Internode have led the way for free wireless network coverage in Adelaide over the past 10 years, and now the new Adelaide Free WiFi network is taking things to the next level!

In addition to the extensive & expanding Adelaide Free WiFi network, Internode also have hundreds of other hotspots established around the country.

For more information, visit the Internode website.

Victoria WiFi

Victoria WiFi

The VicGovFree WiFi network, to be built and maintained by iiNet, will extend throughout the central areas of Melbourne, Ballarat and Bendigo to become Australia’s largest free public wireless network. The vision, to be realised throughout 2015, will eventually blanket the CBDs with more than 1000 WiFi access points.

Read the media release for more information.