iiNet has launched the Petabyte plan - an absurdly large data quota allowance of one million gigabytes - every month!

Now with the Petabyte plan, we guarantee you will never be hungry for data again.

We are so sure that you will never reach your quota that we are challenging all our customers to try and max-out their Petabyte - and given that it is equivalent to 13.5 years of HD video, we wish you all the best. In fact, we think you’ve got rocks in your head if you think you can download this much data, but we’re not afraid to throw down the gauntlet.

Be the first person to download a Petabyte in a month, as part of this plan, and you will receive a lifetime supply of unlimited iiNet broadband. That’s right; you’ll be free to download Petabytes to your heart’s content - for the rest of your life.

Now, let’s see our competitors beat this!

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