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Here at iiNet we're passionate about the Internet and all the cool things it offers. It's a place to keep in touch with family and friends, stay informed with up-to-date news and global affairs and it acts like a digital Personal Assistant - we can pay our bills, purchase and deliver gifts and find out how to get from A to B.

To make the most of the ‘net, we need to be conscious of the safety risks involved when interacting online. We're not here to spoil the fun, just help you be more aware that not everyone has the best intentions when wheeling and dealing in cyber space.

Help us spread the word by downloading and sharing our fact sheets with your Nan, that nice neighbour next door or anyone else who could use a few pointers.

iiNet online safety seminars

Want an expert from iiNet to tell you more? We’re taking details from Perth residents who are interested in hosting an iiNet Online Safety Seminar. Whether it’s for your workplace, mother’s club or local sporting team, register your details here and we’ll be in touch. For everyone else, we have big plans to expand the seminar program around the country, so stay tuned!

fact sheets

Tax time: a guide to safely submitting your return online

Tax time: a guide to safely submitting your return online

Tax time seems to roll around quicker each year, and it's one of those chores that we all prefer to put off for a rainy day. Luckily, submitting your tax return can be done online which makes for a quick and easy fix to what was once a long, dull, and often expensive task. [Read more...]

Small business: keeping your virtual office safe and secure

Small business: keeping your virtual office safe and secure

Most business in Australia fall into the 'small business' category and this important and fast growing group is highly dependent on the Internet. In turn, small businesses are also the most susceptible to the growing wave of cybercrime. [Read more...]

Mobile phones: keeping your kids safe and secure on the go

Apr 2012 - Safer school holidays: a guide to online tools and safeguards

School holidays are a great time for kids to enjoy the things they love doing. With more and more school aged children having access to the family PC and smart devices like iPads and iPhones there's a good chance that web surfing and 'app-ing' will play a part in keeping young ones entertained these holidays. [Read more...]

Mobile phones: keeping your kids safe and secure on the go

Mar 2012 - Mobile phones: keeping your kids safe and secure on the go

Mobile phones provide convenience in busy lives, offering piece of mind, a wealth of information (and entertainment), and the ability to keep in touch with family and friends while on the go.
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Finding love online

Feb 2012 - Finding love online

A guide to safely searching for that dream date.
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12 Days of Online Safety

Dec 2011 - iiNet's 12 Days of Online Safety

The lead up to the silly season is a busy and stressful time of year. With more festivities than you can click a mouse at, it's important to keep your cyber security in check while you shop, surf and share online.
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Online shopping safety

Oct 2011 - Online shopping safety – a guide to browsing the aisles of the Internet

With a strong Aussie dollar and competitive pricing it's easy to see why online shopping is more popular than ever. Offering the convenience of 24 hour trading and home delivery, putting a dent in your credit card isn't hard when purchasing over the 'net.
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Cyber Bullying

Sep 2011 - cyber bullying – a guide for parents and families

In the old days, bullying was (for the most part) limited to school yards and the playground. With more and more kids using the Internet and mobile phones to chat and connect, it's not surprising that bullying has crossed over to cyberspace and is on the up.
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Sniffing and Phishy

Jul 2011 - sniffing out phishy business

When it comes to phishing (or fraudulent) emails, you don't want to end up as someone else's "catch of the day".
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Protecting your computer

Jun 2011 - protecting your personal gizmos and gadgets

Protecting your personal PC, laptop, smart phone or wireless gadget is as crucial as locking the house when you leave in the morning
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May 2011 - online safety: social networking for you and your teenager

Social networking sites, like Facebook, are great tools that give teens an opportunity to express themselves and communicate with their friends.
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blog articles

iiNet blog

the iiNet Blog is a great source of additional cyber safely articles

Click the link below to view the articles penned by our resident expert and iiNet Compliance Manager, Rebecca Moonen.
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staff stories

blog article from Seb's website

something that has to change, will change

I encourage anyone with children attending school to read this story. This is dedicated to Erinn. You were tougher than anyone gave you credit for and I’m so incredibly proud of you.
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