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With eligible phone plans.

Home Phone

Our phone service comes with convenient call features included - plus a selection of enhanced functions you can add for just a little bit extra.

If you already have a phone service with iiNet, you can manage your add-ons in Toolbox.

The Home Phone plan comes with these features

Call Forward

Transfer calls from your home phone to a number you choose, with custom settings according to whether your phone is busy or unattended. Standard call charges apply for forwarded calls.

Read our user guide on Call Forward.

Call Return (*10#)

Access your last unanswered call. For just 35c, you can retrieve the caller's number (unless the number is blocked), and simply press 1 to dial. Standard call charges will apply.

Read our user guide on Call Return (*10#).

Call Waiting

If you're already on the phone, Call Waiting lets you know when someone else is trying to get through. You can place your conversation on hold to answer the second incoming call.

Read our user guide on Call Waiting.

3-Way Chat

Chat with two people at once, with callers able to leave and join at any time. You can even place one person on hold, allowing you to speak privately with the other.

Read our user guide on 3-Way Chat.

Call Back

If the number you're calling is engaged, this feature can automatically call you when that number is free. It will keep trying for up to 45 minutes and, provided you have a compatible phone, alert you with a distinctive ring when you're able to get through. Call Back costs 35c per successful use; standard call charges apply.

Read our user guide on Call Back.

Silent Number

Remove your number, name and address from Directory Assisted Services and the next edition of the White Pages directory. If you require urgent privacy changes, please contact us to arrange a number change.

Make the most of your phone service with these extra add-ons

$2.20 per month

Call Forward Selected Caller

Choose which calls are forwarded from your phone to another destination. You can redirect up to 15 numbers.

Read the Call Forward Selected Caller user guide.

$6.00 per month

Calling Number Display

Identify callers without having to pick up the phone. Provided the caller has an unblocked number, their ID will be shown on any compatible telephone. This feature also stores the date and time of call for easy reference.

Read the Calling Number Display user guide.

$3.52 per month

Call Blocking

Restrict certain types of calls made from your phone - choose from STD, international, 190 or local number barring. Call Blocking is charged at $3.52 per change. Please contact us to enable Call Blocking on your service.

$3.30 per month

Call Control

Call Control works in conjunction with Call Blocking to enable more specific call restrictions.

Read the Call Control user guide.

$6.00 per month

Duet - Phone & Fax Multiple Number

Duet allows you to add a fax number to your phone service, giving you separate phone and fax numbers without installing a second line.

Read the Duet - Phone & Fax Multiple Number user guide.

$6.00 per month

Multiple Number

Multiple Number offers an additional phone number for your line, along with the option of separate billing for that number - and a separate ringtone if you have a compatible phone.

Read the Multiple Number user guide.

$6.00 per month

Voice Mail

Set up your own answering service for when you can't pick up a call. Record a personal greeting, inviting callers to leave a message, which you can retrieve from any phone.

Read the Voice Mail user guide.

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