VDSL2 FAQ for Existing TransACT Customers

This article will answer some frequently asked questions below for TransACT customers interested in switching to iiNet VDSL2.

If you're not a TransACT customer, please see iiNet VDSL2 FAQ instead.

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You can request a change to iiNet VDSL2 either online or by calling us on 13 30 61 (option 1).

If you already have an iiNet/Grapevine service, simply log in to Toolbox, select "Add Product", and fill out the VDSL2 application.

If you don’t have an iiNet/Grapevine service, you can apply online by simply signing up for VDSL2. The signup form will ask you to confirm if you’re an existing TransACT customer.

In all instances, we’ll ensure your previous service is transferred to the new iiNet VDSL2.


For any existing TransACT customers upgrading their existing VDSL1 or VDSL2 service, we’ll send you a modem within 5 business days of your order, along with setup instructions. Once you’ve received the modem, contact us on 13 30 61 (option 3) between 8:00am – 5:30pm EST, Monday to Friday, and we’ll get you up and running. If you’re unable to contact us during those hours, please email the team at VDSL2Activations@iinet.net.au, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If we’re unable to get you setup over the phone via our self-install process, then we can arrange for a technician to visit your premises at no extra cost.

Orders are currently taking 2-3 weeks for completion.


Currently we’re sending out a modem at no extra cost to all existing customers. If you wish to use your own modem, you can do this too, but please await delivery of your iiNet modem before contacting our team to get activated in case there are any difficulties setting up with your current modem. Our team will try to assist as best they can, but they may not be familiar with your modem if it was not supplied by iiNet.


If you require a standard technician installation and/or a new modem in order to connect to iiNet VDSL2, we’ll cover the cost. You do not need to re-contract to have these fees waived.

Please note: the signup form will currently display standard contract options, but as an existing customer, please select "no contract" and we’ll manually waive the setup/hardware fees for you.


TransACT phone is not available with the new iiNet service. However, every iiNet VDSL2 plan comes with Netphone included, which includes all your local and standard national calls.

You’ll be provided with the option to port your existing TransACT phone number to a Netphone (VoIP) service that can be used on VDSL2 broadband.


You’ll need a VoIP-enabled VDSL2 modem in order to get online and make use of your Netphone service. You don't need to go running to the shops - we'll provide you with our TG789 Broadband Gateway modem at no cost.

You’ll also need to plug a handset into the modem to use Netphone.


If you receive an ActewAGL bundle discount and change to iiNet VDSL2:

  • If the discount was applied to your TransACT services, that discount will end, and will not be transferred to the new iiNet product. No bundle break fees will be applied by iiNet or ActewAGL.
  • If the discount was applied to your ActewAGL services, the discount will not be impacted by the change, and will continue until the end of its existing term. No bundle break fees will be applied by iiNet or ActewAGL.


TransTV is not available on iiNet VDSL2, and so your existing service would be cancelled as part of the change.


If you already have a TransACT service with a static IP, to retain the static IP you’ll need to change to one of our Business VDSL2 plans (which come with static ip included). Static ip is not available with iiNet Residential VDSL2 plans.


If you were connecting to TransACT VDSL2 previously with an iiNet/Grapevine service, any email addresses provided by iiNet/Grapevine will be transferred to your new service.


Currently you’d be receiving 2 separate invoices, one from TransACT for your access service, and another from the ISP providing you with your data service, be it our own services in iiNet/Grapevine, or from another ISP.

When you change to iiNet VDSL2, you’ll only receive a single monthly invoice from iiNet moving forward. The only exception to this is if you retain a TransACT mobile service, which will continue to be billed on a separate TransACT invoice.


You’ll be able to retain your TransACT mobile plan, however this will continue to exist on a separate TransACT invoice, and will not be merged with your new iiNet account. Existing TransACT Mobile customers will still be able to upgrade and downgrade between the existing TransACT mobile plans. Please call 13 30 61 and select Option 2 to speak to the TransACT Billing team, who will be able to assist with these changes.

Alternatively, you can sign up to one of our great iiNet mobile plans via Toolbox or by calling our Sales Team on 13 19 17. However, please note that we’re currently unable to port your existing mobile number to iiNet.