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Check your address for Rocketfast FTTB

iiNet FTTB - Powered by fibre

iiNet FTTB brings a high performance fibre network direct to your building, connecting the existing phone lines to quality phone and internet services that you can enjoy for years to come. Once you connect, you won't need to switch to NBN™.


Better value than NBN™

Great speeds and unlimited downloads at an affordable price. Ideal for gamers, media buffs and streaming 4k content

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Reliable speeds, high performance

This high-powered network offers consistent speeds even during peak evening times

Experience our award-winning, friendly customer service

iiNet came out on top in two major nationwide surveys receiving high scores for connection reliability, connection speed, value for money, technical support, customer support, bill clarity, and ease of setup.

Your Rocketfast FTTB plan includes

10 mailboxes and 1GB of included webspace
Complimentary email protection against virus and spam threats
Included WiFi Modem
Plan Flexibility

We speak your language

You don't need to know all the technical stuff, that's our job. We break down the details to make things simple for our customers, and it shows. In two recent independent surveys, our customers gave us the highest scores across the board for ease of setup, technical and customer support, and bill clarity.