DSLAM installation

Our very own broadband network; the iiNetwork, is extended when we install DSLAMs into telephone exchanges to provide Australians with high speed ADSL2+ broadband.


This is an iiNet DSLAM Card. It provides ports for 12 customers on our iiNetwork.

Your phone line plugs into this so it receives the ADSL2+ signal that supplies your iiNet broadband service.

dslam subrack

An iiNet DSLAM sub rack. It is made up of 24 DSLAM cards.

Since each DSLAM connects 12 customers, it means the sub rack provides ADSL2+ services for 288 customers.

dslam rack

Cabling from the iiNet DSLAM Rack to the Telstra Cable access point

A rack can contain up to 2 sub racks. Your phone line exits the iiNet rack and then goes to an interconnection point within the exchange, where all the phone lines into that exchange meet.

dslam cable interconnection point

Telstra Cable Interconnection Point

From the Telstra interconnection point (MDF) your phone line leaves the exchange and makes its way to your home or business.

The finished product

Multiple iiNet racks housing sub racks of DSLAMs in a Telstra exchange.