the iiNetwork

We were fed up with waiting for the big phone companies to increase broadband speeds in Australia. So, in 2004, we began construction of our own broadband network; what we call the iiNetwork.

To get your broadband going faster we take a bunch of those doovalackeys you see me holding and fit them in telephone exchanges across Australia. The technical term for these doovalackeys is a Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer or DSLAM for short.

You've probably never noticed your local telephone exchange before. To all but the most observant, a telephone exchange looks like every other building or house in the street.

As broadband uses your phone line to deliver Internet through your modem and into your computer, your Internet connection must go through your local telephone exchange to get to you.

What we do is install our DSLAMs into your exchange so we can unlock the highest broadband speed possible on your line. This speed boost is the jump from ADSL1 (which in the past was offered at speeds between the 256kbps and 1,500kbps range) to ADSL2+, which has a theoretical maximum speed of 24,000kbps. That’s a whole lot faster. To see how we install our DSLAMs, go to DSLAM Installation.

Our DSLAMs contain ports which we plug your phone line into when you switch to the iinetwork.

When one DSLAM gets full, we go back to the exchange and upgrade the equipment to add more ports. We refer to exchanges where our iiNetwork ports are available as "on-net".

Now that's a pretty quick and slimmed down version of how we go about building a better broadband network. If you're after the long version, or you have some burning questions about how we build our network more information is available by clicking on the options in the menu to the left, or by checking out our broadband FAQs.