more bang for your buck - your broadband quota just got larger

We just wanted to let you know that your broadband plan has been upgraded - we've packed even more value in, by increasing your monthly download quota.

Take a look at what's in store:

current quota new quota
10GB peak + 15GB peak +
20GB offpeak 30GB offpeak

Besides the upsize, all of the other great features of your plan will remain as they are. And don't worry - this upgrade is completely free!

What you need to do next
Absolutely nothing! You won't need to lift a finger for the quota upgrade to take place. In fact, we've already taken care of everything for you.

We hope you enjoy the upgrade and make the most of your extra quota.

Kind regards,

Scott Waters
Marketing Manager


iiNet - providing Internet and phone services all over Australia. This email was authorised by the Chief Operating Officer, on behalf of iiNet. Street address: 263 Adelaide Terrace, PERTH, WA 6000.