Business TransACT plans

Our WebOne ACT plans are available exclusively on the TransACT Network. As part of your TransWEB service with TransACT, you get access to TransACT’s broadband network that lets you connect to the internet up to 50 times faster than a 56k modem. (For more info, read the FAQs.)

Choose from our great plans to get access to fast speeds 24/7 and excellent downloads.

Also, WebOne is part of iiNet Group Limited, which means that you also have access to free premium anti-spam and anti-virus email protection and friendly technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

ACT business broadband plans

plan name peak + offpeak plan price
ACT Business-1 10GB + 10GB $20.00
ACT Business-2 75GB + 75GB $50.00
ACT Business-3 300GB + 300GB $100.00
ACT Business-4 500GB + 500GB $130.00
ACT Business-5 600GB + 600GB $160.00
ACT Business-6 1000GB + 1000GB $240.00

ACT business broadband plans come with:

  • Free premium anti-spam and anti-virus email protection
  • Speeds based on your TransACT connection speeds
  • Premium Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Backup dialup connection with all ACT Broadband accounts
  • 1 static ip (with the option to add more)
  • 19 email addresses and 1GB webspace

ACT Broadband plans are available on the TransACT network. The speed of your account is based on your TransACT connection speed.

All ACT plans have a once-off $20 setup fee.

Additional static IP

You also have the option of adding another static IP to your TransACT plan for just $12 per month.

All about your quota

plan peak period off-peak period shaped speed
ACT Business-1 – ACT Business-3 8am – 2am 2am – 8am 256/256kbps
ACT Business-4 – ACT Business-6 9am – 1am 1am – 9am 256/256kbps

How to sign up

If you are eligible for a TransACT plan, just call us on 13 24 49 to sign up.