Shopping cart faqs

Is iiNet Shopping Cart for me?

I don't need to sell online

  • Online retail is set to double in Australia this year to over $24 Billion.
  • 80% of Australian Consumers offline buying decisions start online.
  • 10c in every $1.00 is spent online.
  • 60% of Australian consumers say they will significantly increase their online spending in the next 12 months.

It's too expensive

  • The average retail business needs to generate over $1,000.00 per day just to cover their overheads; one day's revenue would pay for an online store for one year.
  • Most web design agencies will charge well over $5,000 to setup a website, you'd then be liable for hosting, maintenance and modifications at between $30-$50 per hour on average.

I don't need to sell that many products

The software is designed to grow with your business

I don't have any web design skills

No need! The software comes with an intuitive administration area and visual editors so no need to know any coding languages, just edit what you see!

It's not search engine friendly

Not only is the software proven to be search friendly we also provide detailed guides outlining how best to create and manage your store to get the highest rankings possible as well as expert hints & tips.

I've had a website before and never sold anything

The software comes with multi-channel retailing features as standard enabling you to reach the largest audience possible, it is also optimized to help you get as high as possible in the search engine rankings.

I'm using Open Source software as it's free

Yes, It's free in the sense of initial monetary outlay but unless you have the skills and time to configure, design and maintain your website yourself you are going to be landed with a hefty bill from a design agency. We take care of all maintenance and upgrade and regularly release new features and updates and provide you with state of the art tools to be able to design the site yourself.

I don't have the time to maintain and upgrade it

And you don't have to! We have an expert team continuously monitoring our platform to ensure that it remains stable and error free. Our development team take care of all server updates and necessary updates giving you time to concentrate on growing your business.

I sell to business not to consumers

Why do you think businesses don't shop online? Especially in the current climate businesses are looking to streamline their operations and increase ROI, giving your customers access to 24/7 ordering and instant payment processing will improve your cash flow and provide you with a global storefront and the tools to market and access unlimited new prospects.

It doesn't have all the features I need

  • We are constantly developing our software and adding new functionality as well as improving existing features. We are driven by feedback from our customers and the chances are anything that you think is missing from your requirements is already in our development roadmap. If it isn't we will pass it to our development team and aim to provide you with a response as to when it will be available.
  • Our software is based on an Award Winning market leading solution with over 50,000 shops worldwide, so you can take confidence that it provides virtually everything you will need to successfully run an online business, we are constantly adding new features and updates and chances are your missing requirements will be available in the near future.


How easy is it to use?

If you can use programs like Word or Excel you will have no problems using the administration area. To make things as easy as possible there are also WYSIWYG editors, so you can visually edit and manage your entire website.

Do I need to hire a web designer?

No. The software comes with over 300 industry templates making it very easy to have your site up and running in no time.

Do I also need to buy a website hosting package?

No. There are no hidden costs.

Is the software secure?

The checkout process uses SSL encryption to ensure that all details are protected. The software is also pre-approved for Safe Buy and Trusted Shop certification.

Can it automatically tell me when I have a new order?

Yes. You can setup notifications email at any stage of the order process.

How am I able to accept money online?

We provide a host of various options including PayPal, TNSI, WorldPay and many international gateways. So you can accept payments from pretty much anyone, anywhere, anytime.

I have hundred of products, is it easy to add them to my shop?

Yes. You can import (and export) data to the shop using .CSV files making managing high numbers of products easy.

Is there any easy way to contact all of my customers with say a special offer?

Yes. The integrated newsletter tool makes contacting customers a piece of cake. You can also incorporate the "coupon" feature to provide special offers and discounts directly into each customer's personalised newsletter.

I sell on eBay at the moment, will I still be able to?

Yes. You can directly feed products into eBay and other portals such as and Getprice directly from your administration area.

What kind of support will I get?

The software contains advanced help guides as well as tutorial videos. We also have an extensive knowledgebase and community forums.

Do I need to buy additional software to create invoices etc.?

No. You can generate invoices, packing slips and modify and manage your orders without additional software.

Can I use Google Webmaster Tools?

Yes. In the advanced settings area you can add the Google Verify tag to the correct area of your web pages.

How can I interact with my customers?

Depending on your package. You can improve your customer service and support through the newsletter tool, forums and blogs as well as allowing product reviews and comments.

Can I change my website theme for special occasions such as Christmas?

Yes. You can create multiple templates and activate them as and when you require.

Do I need expensive software to resize my product images for my shop?

No. When you upload your images our software automatically resizes them and optimises them for display in your shop.

Can I split my customers into different groups?

Yes you can. You can also allocate different price discounts and access to certain pages depending on which customer group they are in.

Do customers have to register to buy from me?

It's completely up to you. You have the option of making registration mandatory or not.

Can customers join my newsletter without registering?

Yes. You can add the newsletter page element to your site so any visitor can sign up.

Can I have different delivery costs for multiple items and weights?

Yes you can. You can also set them by regions depending on which package you choose.

Can I have a blog or news area on my website?

Depending on which package you choose, you may have the option to have a blog to provide your customers and visitors with news or any other content you wish to share.

Is it possible to incorporate a forum such as PHPBB or VBulletin?

Unfortunately not. However some of our packages come with an integrated forum as standard, removing the need to rely on third party software. You can also link from your store to externally hosted forums or blogs.

How can I calculate shipping for the various parts of Australia?

iiNet's Shopping Cart supports Australia Post online shipping calculator in real time. So when your customer has entered their post code then the exact shipping cost will be added to the shopping basket. You can modify the cost to add some margin for error or profit. Additionally you can create your own post code region matrix for more complex shipping using the Shipping by Weight and Region calculation method.