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iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange FAQ


Q: If I switch to iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange from an in house email server, can I still maintain control of the settings and mailboxes?

A: iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange enables you to maintain control of your email solution without the headache of maintaining the server. The control panel allows an administrator to turn mailboxes on and off, set permissions, set passwords, create distribution lists, create and manage email rules, and set mailbox size and limits. These features, as well as many others, enable an IT administrator to maintain complete control of their email solution.

Q: I’m currently using Microsoft® Outlook® with a POP3 or basic webmail account. Why would I want to upgrade to iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange?

A: Microsoft Outlook connected to a POP3 or webmail email account enables each user to manage their personal information (contacts, calendars, folders, documents etc.), but does not allow you to share it with anyone.

With iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange all of this information can be shared among your business, making you faster at responding to requests, helping you instantly find files and emails, and taking the headache out of communicating with your employees, clients, and vendors. It also enables every user to access their information from any internet connection, keeping you connected and in sync wherever you go.

Q: What are the message limits associated with iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange?

A: The maximum limits are listed below. A lower limit can also be configured in the control panel on an individual user basis.

  • Maximum incoming item size: 30 MB
  • Maximum outgoing item size: 30 MB
  • Maximum number of recipients per message: 1,000


Q: Do I have to move my existing domain to be hosted with iiNet?

A: iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange does not require that you host your domain with us. You can continue to use your current domain.

Q: Can I use my current Email address with iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange?

A: Yes, iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange enables you to send and receive email with your current email address.

Q: How long does it take to get up and running?

A: Following the recommended steps, the average user can activate and be using the service in under an hour. It may take a little longer for the initial set up.

Q: What will I need to migrate if I am currently using a POP3 or Webmail account?

A: You will need:

  1. An existing email account outside of iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange to serve as an administrator email account. This is where we will send your Control Panel login credentials
  2. A phone number where you can be reached for support purposes.
  3. The name of your current POP3 or Webmail servers.
  4. Computers running Windows® 8, Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows Server® 2008, SP1, or Windows Server® 2003 with at least 512MB RAM
  5. Access to your old email account, including the Web address you use for checking mail, your e-mail address, user name, and password.
  6. (Optional) If you have an existing domain name that you want to use with your iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange account, you will either need contact information for the company where you registered the domain name or have access to your online account.

Mobile & Mac

Q: Can I sync my information with my mobile phone?

A: iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange offers real time sync on any Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, and many other types of mobile devices, with more being added all the time. All of your important information is easily accessible from any internet connection or from any internet enabled mobile device.

Q: Will iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange work on my Mac?

A: Microsoft Outlook 2011 for the Mac is available. It integrates seamlessly with iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange.


Q: Where is my information (Emails, Calendars, Contacts, and Documents) stored?

A: Your information and email is stored in iiNet's secure data centres across the country. Your data is backed up regularly and if you accidentally delete an item, you can retrieve it via Outlook web access, even up to 14 days after it was deleted.

Our data centres are located in multiple geographic locations, so if there is a disaster in one area, your invaluable information is safe and accessible.

Q: Who has access to my information when it is stored in your data centres?

A: Public access to data centres is expressly forbidden. Only qualified technicians who have undergone extensive background checks have access to your data. Every time your information is accessed, the activity is tracked and recorded (disgruntled employees within your company are more likely to misuse your sensitive information than a stranger in a data centre).

Q: Does iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange come with Anti-Spam/ Anti-virus protection?

A: iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange runs on the power of Microsoft Exchange Server with enterprise class anti-virus & anti-spam protection built in.


Q: Do I have full support of my email and other services from iiNet?

A: iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange is fully supported iiNet's award winning customer service team.

Q: Do you have someone to walk me through the process of upgrading to iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange?

A: iiNet has a dedicated hosting & domains team that can walk you through the process of upgrading to iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange.


Q: Do I have to sign a contract to upgrade to iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange?

A: With iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange, you do not have to sign a yearly contract. You are billed monthly and can modify your services without penalty. If you are dissatisfied simply cancel your service.

Q: What if I want to go back to my old Email system?

A: Because you are billed monthly, you are not tied down to a contract. If you are displeased with iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange in any way, you can absolutely go back to your previous email system without penalty.

Q: How is iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange billed?

A: iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange is billed per month per active mailbox. When you create a mailbox in the control panel charges will apply for that mailbox immediately (even if you do not send or receive any emails from that mailbox).

Q: How are mailboxes that are only active for a few days billed?

A: Mailboxes that are active for only part of the month will be billed at the pro-rated amount for that period.