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Budii Lite® offers the latest and greatest in networking and wireless technology. Supporting ADSL2+ and VDSL2, Budii Lite also has a dedicated Gigabit Ethernet port that’s perfect for the NBN Fibre network when available in your area.

Connect a storage drive to one of the USB ports to share documents and stream video files to any compatible device on your network, all thanks to the integrated DLNA Server!

Super fast downloads

With the 4 Gigabit LAN ports Budii Lite will be transferring files within the network at super-fast speeds.

Budii Lite® uses AC wireless technology, which means you csn enjoy the full speeds Budii Lite offers wirelessly. This is up to 3 x faster than most common routers which feature N wireless can offer.

Some of the latest devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the latest Apple MacBook Air come with AC built in.

Easy wireless

With Budii Lite®'s Dual Band 5GHz 802.11n and 2.4GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi, you'll be streaming media through your office like a pro. There's even a pair of optional external antennae to give your Wi-Fi network a speed boost on the 802.11ac network.

If you like a bit of personal flair, customising your Wi-Fi network is a snap with Budii Lite®'s customisible Home Page.

Wi-Fi on, Wi-Fi off! There's also a handy button on the back that lets you control when your Wi-Fi network is available.

Simple setup

Easy set up in just a few minutes. No CDs needed; it's all online and works on any device that has a web browser.

1 Connect Budii Lite® to an electrical outlet

2 Plug a phone cable into the grey port. Plug the other end into an ADSL socket on a line filter

3 Plug another phone cable into the green port, and plug the other end into the phone socket on the line filter

4 Plug the line filter into the telephone socket on the wall

5 Connect to the Wi-Fi using the name and password on the sticker on the base of Budii Lite®

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