What is Networking Tasmania?

Networking Tasmania III (NTIII) Overview

NTIII is an outsourced, integrated, data communications network for the Tasmanian Government. NTIII provides a range of proactively managed end-to-end wide area network services, including managed network services, connection services, Internet gateway and filtering services and Government directory services. iiNet is an authorised NTIII provider for the supply of connection and Internet-only services. iiNet NTIII services are designed and delivered to meet each of the following NTIII customer needs:

  • Connections between customer groups and also to the core services network. Access control will normally be implemented using a firewall(s).
  • Highly resilient and available Corporate Internet Services via a filtered feed through the Network Core to any eligible customers.

Who can use NTIII Services?

A wide range of organisations are eligible to take advantage of the services provided by Networking Tasmania. Tasmanian Government agencies and statutory bodies, local councils, hospitals and private schools and many, many more organisations are all able to take advantage of these services.

Please visit the Telecommunications Management Division website https://www.tmd.tas.gov.au/networking_tasmania to learn more about these exciting services and to check your eligibility.

How do I Determine what Services I need?

Your iiNet Account Manager supported by iiNet Consultants provide free advice as to the service that best suits your needs.

Who Manages My Services?

In all cases NTIII services are managed by the dedicated iiNet Customer Care Centre which provides a single point of contact for day to day issues such as adds, moves, changes, faults and billing enquiries, or simply advice.

More Information: Email nettas@iinet.net.au - Phone 1300 NETTAS (1300 638 827)

NTIII Customer Portal

Statistics for Networking Tasmania services provided by iiNet are available here

For more information please email nettas@iinet.net.au

NTIII Contact Team

iiNet offers to NTIII customer a dedicated Contact Team to fulfil all account management, sales, and service requests. Contact the following iiNet Representatives for any of your queries:

NTIII Account Manager

Mike D’Monte: (03) 9811 0081, mike.dmonte@staff.iinet.net.au

NTIII Technical Consultants

iiNet NTIII Support Team can be contact on:

1300 NETTAS (1300 638 827) 8am – 6pm EDT