iiNet Business Cable – Terms, fees & guarantees

All iiNet products are bound by our Customer Relationship Agreement. This page contains a short summary of the terms, fees and guarantees that we offer with an iiNet business cable service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 13 86 89.

What is the standard setup fee?

Connection type Standard Installation
Details Includes connection of Cable to premises, one wall-socket and cable modem
Charge (No Contract) $170
Charge (24 Month Contract) $0
Any cabling that is required in your premises beyond the Network Boundary Point is your responsibility. This does not include the purchase of a Cable enabled router. There may be additional installation fees for non-standard premises, however your agreement to these fees will be confirmed prior to iiNet setup.

Do excess usage charges apply?

Only your downloads count towards your monthly included data. There are no automatic excess usage charges on Cable plans, instead traffic above the included data quota will be slowed to 512kbps/512kbps.

What options do I have if I go over my monthly data usage?

Data Packs are blocks of additional data available for purchase once you’ve hit your monthly Cable internet quota. Read more about iiNet's data pack pricing.

Can I incur a contract break fee?

If you sign up to a 24 month contract, the maximum applicable break fee is $250 within the first 6 months. The following Cable break fees apply thereafter. These fees cover the costs reasonably incurred by iiNet when the contract commenced. Cancelling your Cable service will also result in a cancellation of any other iiNet products you’ve purchased that are only available when bundled with Cable. Should those products have their own contract, you will be liable for their associated break fees.

Contract Break Fees 0 – 6 months 7 – 12 months 13 – 18 months 19 – 24 months
24 Month Contract $250 $150 $100 $50
No Contract $0 $0 $0 $0

What is your fair contract guarantee?

When you sign up for an optional fixed term contract, you commit to retrain your cable service for the set period. However, our fair contract guarantee lets you change between cable plans at any time without breaking your contract. When upgrading, we will absorb the administration cost, but a fee will apply if you switch to a cable plan with lesser monthly value. The below downgrade fee is applied when you switch to a cable plan of lesser value.

Fee type Downgrade Fee
When is the fee applied? A downgrade fee is applied when you switch to a cable plan of lesser value.
Amount $29