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Offer only available to new customers. Offer may be withdrawn at any time. Min cost includes $59.99 standard installation fee + $10 delivery fee. Available in selected coverage areas. *Typical Business Hours Speed indicates download speed, is subject to change and measured between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. Speeds are not guaranteed and may vary due to factors such as line length, device and more.

iiNet Business Cable Plans

iiNet Business Cable broadband offers typical business hours speeds of 350Mbps and is a high-powered alternative to the NBN™. With dedicated business support, great value plans and fast, reliable performance on our exclusive cable network, iiNet Business Cable is the ultimate internet connection for businesses in Geelong, Mildura and Ballarat.

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for the first 12 months, then per month thereafter

Min Charge is
incl 50% off for the first 12 months ({* getPlanRecurringCost() | currency*} x 12 months + {* activationFee | currency *} activation fee) + {* getPlanFreightCost() | currency *} freight charge on a no lock-in contract. International rates vary by destination. All of our international rates can be found on our website.

*Typical business hours speed indicates download speed and is measured between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. Cable speeds: Actual throughput speeds may be slower and could vary due to various factors including interference, customer cabling and equipment, download source, and line length. Cable has an upload connection speed of up to 20Mbps.

Benefits of iiNet Business Cable
Dedicated business support

From the ISP with Australia's Most Satisfied Small Business Broadband Customers 6 years running

350Mbps Typical Business Hours Speed

Speeds up to 4 times faster than NBN50 services

50% off broadband plan fees

Save $40 per month for the first 12 months on a no lock-in contract

What is Netphone (VoIP)?

Netphone uses VoIP technology which lets you make and receive phone calls through your broadband connection. It works just like a normal phone, except you save money with lower call rates and included features. To use Netphone, just connect a handset to your VoIP-enabled modem (to make things easy, all of our modems are compatible with VoIP).

Netphone rates
Calls to other Netphone numbers Included
Local & standard National calls Included
Standard Australian Mobile calls 29c per min
(per 30 second block)
International calls From 5c per minute
1300 and 13 numbers 30c untimed

Withdrawal fees

Withdrawing an order that you have placed with us will attract a withdrawal fee of $60. This is to cover our costs in preparing to supply the service to you.

If you have selected a modem from us, the hardware fee paid will be payable by you unless the modem is returned to us in good working order

Hardware Amount
Hardware Fee $199.95

Delivery fees are not refundable.

Is this your first time buying Cable Broadband?

To get your broadband up and running, you'll need in your home:

Cable broadband modem
This is the box that connects you to the internet, via your wall socket. To make things easy, we include a WiFi Cable modem with every Cable order. It's easy to set up, and works with Fetch and Netphone.
A phone handset
To use your included Netphone VoIP service, all you'll need is a standard phone to plug into your VoIP-enabled broadband modem. If you're bringing your own Cable modem and it isn't VoIP enabled, you'll just need a VoIP adapter (ATA) to connect between your handset and modem.


About BizPhone

  • iiNet BizPhone is a telephony service with an iiNet supplied business class handset and includes unlimited standard calls to Australian mobiles and landlines.
  • BizPhone provides you with a range of business-grade PBX features at no additional charge such as voicemail to email, call forward to mobile, call barring, call waiting, and others. Such features may be configured using iiNet’s web-based portal.
  • Other features (including queuing systems, mobile app, receptionist app and other particular feature applications) are available at an additional cost.
  • Bizphone is delivered using your internet service and each BizPhone call requires a minimum of 100kbps of uncongested upstream and downstream bandwidth. The internet service may be supplied by iiNet or by another service provider.

Bizphone Terms Summary

  • Bizphone has various activation fees depending on the contract length and type of handset chosen. You can see the full list here.
  • You will need to arrange for the installation of the Bizphone at your cost. 
  • Bizphone is not available for telemarketing, call centre or similar uses.
  • Handset rental is included with your Bizphone plan. You will need to return the handset in good working order (fair wear and tear excepted) at the end of your Bizphone service. A non-return charge applies for handsets not returned to us in a satisfactory condition.
  • You can port your existing number (available where we have a porting arrangement in place with your current carrier) or have a phone number allocated to your Bizphone service based on your service address.
  • Bizphone is provided on the basis that you waive your Customer Service Guarantee. You do not have to agree to the waiver but if you do not agree, we have the right to decline to supply the service.
  • Because Bizphone is connected to the internet, you need to protect your equipment from unauthorised access by using, for example firewalls, to avoid calls being made without your consent.
  • You will not be able to use your Bizphone to make any calls, including to “000”, during a power outage or if your internet is down. Please ensure you have an alternative way of making calls, for example a mobile phone.

Term Summary (Cable)

All iiNet services are bound by our Customer Relationship Agreement. This page offers a quick summary of the terms, fees and guarantees that come with your service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 13 86 89.

  • All iiNet Business Cable plans are offered on a no lock-in contract.
  • There is a $59.99 standard setup fee for iiNet Business Cable; and applies to all standard Cable service installations unless otherwise specified.
    • Non-standard installations will incur additional charges payable by you. iiNet will advise you of any applicable fees.
  • Our WiFi Cable modem is included with every new Cable order, at no extra cost.
  • When you sign up for a no lock-in contract: 
    • You get 50% off your monthly plan price for the first 12 months from service activation. Offer only available to new customers and may be withdrawn at any time.
  • Please be aware that any existing services operating on your phone line may not work, such as back-to-base alarms, personal response systems, fax machines or EFTPOS. Please check with your device manufacturer or provider to see if the device is Cable compatible. 
  • We do not offer priority assistance, nor support for medi-alert services and monitored alarm systems. Priority assistance is offered by Telstra for people who may be reliant on a telephone service because of a serious medical condition. If you have a medi-alert or priority assistance service or believe that you are eligible, please consider this before proceeding with your order.
  • Included calls on Netphone and Call Packs are subject to our Acceptable Use Policy
  • Netphone is a VoIP service included with every Cable plan. To use it, you will require a phone handset and VoIP compatible modem (like our own WiFi modem). 
  • Timed calls on Netphone are charged per second. Calls to Australian mobile numbers are charged per 30 second block. 
  • iiNet Cable comes with unlimited data, and no excess usage charges or shaping speeds.
  •  This service is provided on the basis that you waive your Customer Service Guarantee (CSG) in relation to the Netphone. You do not have to agree to the waiver, but if you do not agree, we have the right to decline to supply the service.

For more information, please refer to our terms, fees & guarantees.

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