Important Internode security announcement: Heartbleed


Last week a security bug known as "Heartbleed" was discovered on devices using OpenSSL encryption software. The bug allowed unauthorised users to download small amounts of data from devices running a vulnerable version of this security software.

The safety of our customers' information is paramount. When we became aware of the vulnerability, our engineers performed an extensive system scan which identified several Internode Content Delivery Network (CDN) servers that required a software patch. This patch was successfully applied within 24 hours of the bug being announced.

We want to stress that the impacted Internode CDN servers do not store any personal data. Despite this, and as a precautionary measure, we recommend that any customers concerned about the security of information transmitted over Internode's network change their Internode passwords.

Customers can change their Internode passwords via My Internode.

Customers who change their Internode passwords will need to update the broadband setup details stored within their modems. Customers should consult the instruction manual supplied with their modem for further information.

Our engineers are performing follow-up work to confirm there is no additional impact to Internode's network or to you, our customers. If so, we will update you accordingly.


Matthew Toohey