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iiNet celebrates its 500000th broadband port in Gosford

16 June 2011: iiNet has installed its 500,000th broadband port in Gosford NSW today, marking a significant milestone in the Internet service provider's commitment to providing superfast, affordable broadband to more Australians.

iiNet, along with partners Ericsson and Visionstream, began constructing the network, dubbed the iiNetwork, in 2004. Revolutionary at the time, the iiNetwork meant dramatically increased speeds, better competition, and was the precursor to industry firsts like Naked DSL and TV over broadband.

Greg Bader, iiNet's Chief Technology Officer said the milestone is something to be celebrated as it reflects iiNet's position as a leading challenger in the telecommunications market.

"For residents and businesses in Gosford, and around the country, the expansion of our network means a more competitive market and faster speeds. We don't believe in waiting for the National Broadband Network to be built, people want faster broadband now.

To mark the occasion, a long standing Gosford based customer has been migrated to the 500,000th port and rewarded with 500,000MB of free download quota and iiNet's tv service.

Judy Donahay, an iiNet customer since 2003, said she is thrilled to be migrated to iiNet's new network.

"I'm looking forward to having faster speeds at home, as I have the Internet running all the time," Ms Donahay said.

"I've been with iiNet for more than eight years and I am a big supporter so it's really nice to be rewarded for my loyalty and it's a good thing for the area as it brings more competition which is always a positive."

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