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iiNet withdraws 20GB satellite plan

28 August 2013: To ensure our customers maintain a steady NBN satellite connection, iiNet will today cease sale of the popular NBN-Satellite 2 plan to new customers. iiNet will continue to offer a 10GB plan for all new satellite customers.

iiNet executive Steve Dalby said the NBN interim satellite service had proven very popular with customers.

“The popularity of both our 10GB and 20GB plans have put considerable strain on the network designed by NBNCo. With no possibility of a network upgrade available from NBNCo, each new customer was adversely impacting the speed and experience of our current satellite customers. So, we have decided, after careful consideration and for the benefit of the 6000 customers already connected to iiNet’s interim satellite service to only offer our very attractive 10GB plan. We will withdraw our 20GB NBN-Satellite plan for new sales effective immediately,” he said.

NBN Co plans to phase out the existing interim satellite service and replace it with a higher-capacity satellite solution in 2015.

“As soon as NBN Co upgrades its satellites, iiNet will provide new and faster services for all customers.”

No existing customers on the 20GB plan will be affected by the decision and download quotas will remain unchanged. New customers will only be able to sign up for iiNet’s 10GB plan.

For further information, please contact:

For further information, please contact:
Tina Liptai or Anthony Fisk
Communications - iiNet Group
Ph: +61 8 9214 2210

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