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iiNet doubles NBN-speed network for Geelong

29 October, 2014

iiNet today reveals that it has doubled capacity for its state-of-the-art iiNet Cable network, which offers NBN-level Internet speeds to about 50,000 premises in Geelong.

Doubling the capacity of its iiNet Cable network allows iiNet to supply unmet demand for high-speed Internet access from Geelong’s existing businesses and homes. At present, the NBN is only available at new real estate developments in Geelong.

iiNet Chief Technology Officer Mark Dioguardi said the iiNet Cable network can deliver Internet speeds as fast as 100 megabits per second (Mbps). "The upgrade lets us supply more customers while maintaining a high quality service," he said.

"We've already completed this upgrade with plans to continue investing in network capacity to stay ahead of customer demand. That means our customers using iiNet Cable will get great performance when they need it."

The iiNet Cable network uses Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC*), first deployed in Australia in the 1990s by cable television providers, but now widely used to deliver broadband services.

iiNet Cable plans range in price from $49.95 a month to $99.95 a month. Plan details can be found at /internet-products/fibre/cable/.

In Geelong, approximately 50,000 of the city’s 63,000 households can access NBN-level download speeds, ranging from 12Mbps to as fast as 100Mbps via the iiNet Cable network. Upload speeds range from 1Mbps to 8Mbps.

iiNet customer Diane Warren, who runs Geelong-based interior design company Sienna Designs, has used the NBN-speed iiNet Cable network to win business internationally. "The real value of the Internet is fast communication," she said./p>

"Everything is done online these days, from any kind of communication to selling your house. You have to be up to date and for that you need fast Internet such as iiNet Cable."/p>

You can check iiNet Cable availability for your location by typing in your address in the iiNet coverage checker at /internet-products/fibre/cable. For an overview of iiNet Cable coverage in Geelong, please see the map below.

For more information about the iiNet Cable network in Geelong, to arrange an interview with iiNet Chief Technology Officer Mark Dioguardi or to obtain details for a customer willing to speak to the media, please call John Harris on 08 8431 4000 or email [email protected].

*HFC networks are identified as a potential delivery mechanism for NBN services as part of the Federal Government's new Multi-Technology Mix. For more background about how NBNCo plans to use HFC, please read either the December 2013 NBN Strategic Review or this informative blog article by NBNCo Director Simon Hackett at

About iiNet

iiNet is Australia's second largest DSL Internet Service Provider and the leading challenger in the telecommunications market. Publicly listed on the ASX 200, this billion-dollar company has been recognised as a global leader in customer service, winning the Large Business award at the 2013 International Service Excellence Awards. We employ more than 2500 inquisitive staff across three countries – 80 per cent of whom are employed to directly service our 900,000 customers. We maintain our own broadband network and support over 1.7 million broadband, telephony and Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) services nationwide.

We're committed to making it simple for all Australians to connect across both our own network and on the NBN. Our vision is to lead the market with services that harness the potential of the Internet and then differentiate with award-winning customer service.

A full list of current awards can be viewed at iiNet Award /about/awards