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Video hunger busts 'big data' barrier for iiNet

27 March 2014: iiNet has seen soaring customer demand for video and audio content more than treble the amount of data delivered by its Content Delivery Network (CDN) during the past year.

iiNet, the leading challenger in Australia's telecommunications market, uses its CDN to deliver unmetered content for its customers - above and beyond their monthly data quota. As well as iiNet TV with Fetch, the CDN distributes unmetered content for XBox Live, ABC iView, more than 180 streamed radio stations and a number of commercial customers.
In December 2013, the iiNet CDN distributed 1.2 petabytes of data, which is three times the volume distributed only 12 months earlier. These 1.2 million gigabytes are equivalent to almost 16 years of high definition video content (without any toilet breaks). Much of the demand was from customers downloading video content for the increasingly popular iiNet TV with Fetch service.
iiNet Product Manager Robert Buckler described the growth in demand for unmetered data from the CDN as “unbelievable”. “This is seriously big data,” he said “This rapid growth is driven by Australians’ hunger for video-on-demand services such as iiNet TV with Fetch, which gives them quick and convenient access to legitimate and compelling video content.
“The fact that we can cope with this sort of growth, and deliver this volume of data, is truly a testament to the strength and design of the iiNet Group’s Content Delivery Network. To move that sort of data reliably, you need a fantastic network.”
iiNet offers an incredible range of unmetered content for its customers including:

  • iiNet TV with Fetch which offers dozens of free-to-air, digital and subscription TV channels plus thousands of video-on-demand films, ranging current hits to classic movies
  • Online media including ABC iView and more than 180 streamed radio stations
  •, Australia’s premier destination for serious gamers, offering access to more than eight terabytes of files, patches, demos and content on 600 servers, and
  • Free video-on-demand recordings of live performances such as the WOMADelaide world music festival for the past three years
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