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iiNet's customer service is the best in the world

4 February 2014: iiNet, the leading challenger in Australia's telecommunications market, is very proud to announce that it has picked up its first international award for excellence in customer service.

iiNet has received the International Service Excellence Award for Best Large Business by the International Council of Customer Service Organisations (ICCSO), to add to the dozens of awards won in 2013.

iiNet Chief Customer Officer Maryna Fewster said this ground-breaking  win was a credit to iiNet’s culture of putting customers first.

“We’re absolutely ecstatic to announce we’ve picked up this prestigious award. This win confirms what we’ve always known: iiNet is a leader when it comes to exceptional customer service, and we’re thrilled that this is starting to be recognised on the world stage. I’d like to thank each and every iiNet staff member for their tireless dedication and hard work providing awesome customer service,” she said.

Maryna said she was looking forward to yet another year of improved customer service, aiming for the best service in its history - measured using the global-standard Net Promoter Score (NPS). iiNet is aiming for a record-breaking company NPS  of 60% by the end of June 2014.

“NPS has been the key to our success for a number of years now, so we plan to continue pushing ourselves to even greater heights over the coming year,” Maryna said.

The International Council of Customer Service Organisations (ICCSO) governs customer service institutions across the globe, including the Customer Service Institute of America and the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium.

The judging criteria for the International Service Excellence Award are based on the International Customer Service Standard (ICSS), which provides a framework to assist organisations in delivering consistently high levels of service.


For further information, please contact:

For further information, please contact:
Tina Liptai or Anthony Fisk
Communications - iiNet Group
Ph: +61 8 9214 2210 or [email protected]

About iiNet 

 iiNet is Australia’s second largest DSL Internet Service Provider and the leading challenger in the telecommunications market. Publicly listed on the ASX 200, our company is now valued at approximately $1 billion. We employ more than 2000 inquisitive staff across three countries - 80 per cent of whom are employed to directly service  our 900,000 customers. We maintain our own super-fast broadband network and support over 1.7 million broadband, telephony and Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) services nationwide.

We’re committed to making it simple for all Australians to connect across both our own network and on the NBN. Our vision is to lead the market with products that harness the potential of the Internet and then differentiate with award-winning customer service.

A lot has changed since our CEO founded iiNet in a suburban garage back in 1993 and the broadband landscape continues to evolve. What hasn’t changed is our passion for the transformative benefits of the Internet and our commitment to helping Australians connect better

A full list of current awards can be viewed at iiNet Award /about/awards