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iiNet tackles the hassle of tax time

7 June 2012 - iiNet, Australia's second largest DSL broadband provider, is urging Australians to take extra care with their online safety and security when submitting their tax return online this fiscal New Year.

iiNet’s Compliance Manager, Rebecca Moonen, said that while submitting a tax return online takes the time, inconvenience and cost out of what is usually seen as a chore, it’s important to run a health and security check on your PC before getting started.
“The Australian Tax Office e-tax service is private and safe but securing your computer, being aware of hoaxes and practicing safe online behaviour are ways you can take the headache out of tax time,” Ms Moonen said.
Start with a clean slate

    • Ensure your PC is equipped with the right security settings. This includes installing an anti-spyware product to scan for and eliminate any malicious software that may be running without your knowledge.
    • Check your virus definitions are up-to-date, your firewall is on and your security software updates are set to ‘automatic’.

Don’t flash your privates

    • Take extra care when transferring your financial details over the ‘net so your info doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.
    • Avoid using public computers or Internet cafes where there may be snooping eyes about. It’s also best to avoid using public Wi-Fi when submitting your tax return.
    • Always log out of your online banking, e-tax accounts or email inboxes, plus don’t forget to clear the browser history for extra measure.

Be aware of the fakes out there

    • Email hoaxes are rife at tax time so be sure to never open emails or attachments from unknown sources.
    • The Australian Tax Office will never send you an email requesting your personal details or money so if you’re not sure if an email is legit, give the ‘sender’ a call to check.

Store it safely

    • Keep track of what tax files you have stored on each device and ensure these devices are password protected.
    • Keep a hard copy of your tax files handy - this way, if your computer or hard drive crashes, you won’t have to start from scratch.
    • If you upgrade your old PC, delete all your files first. There are programs you can use to wipe the computer clean so that it’s ready to be thrown out, sold or given away - without your tax file number.

iiNet's ‘Tax time: a guide to safely submitting your return online’ fact sheet can be downloaded from iiNet's Online Safety website. iiNet's Online Safety Series was introduced to help Australians become more aware of safe practices when surfing the web. Each month, information will be released and made available for download from the iiNet website. Topics covered by the safety series include social networking, online shopping, phishing emails and password security.

To learn more about iiNet's Online Safety Series or to register interest in an Online Safety Seminar visit

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