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Grandma connects better with the BoBsquad

New research by iiNet finds nearly half of older Australians struggle to set up their technical devices

12 December 2011 - Sydney, Australia -  Despite a keen interest in all things technology, older Australians are struggling to get connected according to a new study commissioned by Australia's second largest DSL broadband provider, iiNet.

A Newspoll study found nearly half of Australians aged 50 - 64 years old bought a technical device or software that they were unable to set up or use by themselves. Of these older Australians, a staggering 93 per cent were unable to set up the technology because it was too difficult and 23 per cent said it took too much time.

Maryna Fewster, iiNet's Chief Customer Officer, said it's evident that older Australians are willing to give technology a go but often run into trouble when trying to set up and connect.

"There's no age barrier when it comes to technology. We're seeing a growing number of grandmas and grandpas wanting to go online and connect with friends and family. They often just lack the technical know-how to do so," Ms Fewster said.

The Newspoll study comes hot on the heels of the comprehensive report, Older Australians and the Internet, which further uncovers older Australian's growing appetite for using the Internet to shop online, pay bills and keep in touch with family.

Professor Trevor Barr of Swinburne University and principle advisor on the study added, "The report, based on credible field research, reveals that the group in society who is progressively becoming more dependent on the Internet to live richer lives is seniors."

Surprisingly, the Newspoll study also found it wasn't just older Australians struggling to set up their technologies. 33 per cent of young adults (18 - 34 year olds) had bought a technology device or software that they were unable to set up or use - and of these, 87 per cent said it was because it was too difficult.

The study coincides with the announcement that iiNet's BoBsquad - a team of tech-loving experts - are now on call for residential customers in Melbourne and Sydney (metro areas only).

"For Australians young and old who aren't huge tech-heads or are just too busy, iiNet's team of experts are on call to make personal house visits and sort out all your tech issues," said Ms Fewster.

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