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Australia's Top geek winner announced

7 April 2011: Cassandra James from Tasmania has been crowned the country's Top geek by iiNet following a four month search which saw more than 230 wannabe geeks battle it out in a series of challenges and games, concluding with a final quiz contest held in Perth tonight.

Cassandra is a comic fan and artist who surrounds herself with everything 'geek' including anime, comics, gaming, and hopes to have a full time career in comic drawing.

Cassandra said the win will help her kick start her career in comic drawing.

"I am so thrilled to be iiNet's Top Geek. Comics are such a passion of mine and the win will give me an opportunity to meet with comic editors and show my work to those that really matter in the industry," Cassandra said.

"It's been awesome meeting everyone and thanks to iiNet for bringing us together and doing something that challenges the geek stereotype."

Cassandra was awarded with an all expenses paid trip to ComicCon, chosen from one of four 'geek' conventions in the US including SxSW, Consumer Electronics Show, Penny Arcade Expo.

Matthew Dunstan, GM of Retail said the competition was launched to rebut the geeky stereotype of thick rimmed specs and high pants.

"We've really changed the way people see geeks. We've always known they are cool individuals and now everyone else does too. It's not about what they look like but more about their passion, talent and intelligence," Mr Dunstan said.

The quiz, hosted by Perth based technology guru - Jason Jordan, tested the finalists on topics such as comics, computing, video games, Internet and computing.

The iiNet Top Geek search started in December last year and has attracted more than 30,000 online visitors voting for the geekiest videos, photos and stories from more than 230 entrants. The finalists have made it through three challenges including the design of a gadget or app, an idea for a TV show and a gaming play-off.

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