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iiNet's Online Safety Series spreads the word on cyber security

30 May 2011: iiNet, Australia's second largest DSL service provider, has launched an online safety series offering expert advice to help Australians become more aware of safe practices when surfing the web.

Coinciding with the Australian Government's National Cyber Security Awareness Week, which runs from 30 May to 3 June 2011, iiNet's new initiative was prompted by a staff member's personal experience with bullying as a child and increased customer interest in online security and privacy.

Each month, information will be released and made available for download from the iiNet website. Topics covered by the safety series include social networking, online shopping, phishing emails and password security.

The program also gives interested community members the opportunity to host their own Online Safety Seminar by offering them access to information, handouts and a guest speaker. Initially available for Perth residents only, iiNet plans to expand the program nationally.

Rebecca Moonen, iiNet's Compliance Manager said the program is designed to help people understand how important, and easy, it is to stay safe while surfing the Internet.

"We're passionate about the Internet as an educational and social development tool, but we're realistic about the security risks too. Cyber safety can be as simple as a good anti-virus program and sensible privacy settings, and we're keen to make this knowledge accessible to the wider community," Ms Moonen said.

"We cringe when hearing reports of the risks our kids experience online, like when a birthday party invite goes viral. So, to kick off the series we're sharing advice for parents of young people wanting to maintain a safe and secure profile while social networking.

"iiNet's first instalment of the Online Safety Series will offer a lending hand to all parents out there who may not be as familiar with Facebook as their confident yet sometimes complacent teens."

Safe social networking for you and your teenager

Delete, delete, delete!
Scan over your Facebook profile and delete any information that might put you at risk if it falls into the wrong hands like your address or phone number. Any unwanted or inappropriate wall posts from friends should also be deleted.
Tweak those settings
It's important to keep your online content private and away from prying eyes. Ensure your personal information and photographs on Facebook are available to your 'friends' only; and ensure teens are registered as under aged user to take advantage of extra privacy settings on offer.
Stop, Block and Tell!
Report inappropriate photographs or offensive profiles to Facebook and encourage your family to talk openly to a trusted adult if they come across anything suspicious. Never respond to threatening messages - they don't deserve your attention.
Profile preview
Use Facebook's privacy settings tool to find out what information from your profile is on show to the rest of the world to see. It's also a good idea to conduct regular 'spring cleans' and remove anyone you don't interact with from your friends list.

To download this month's complete factsheet, learn more about iiNet's Online Safety Series or to register interest in an Online Safety Seminar visit

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