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Kittycam sets new adoption records at Cat Haven

1 May 2012 - Cat Haven in Shenton Park has recorded the highest April adoption rates in its 50-year history thanks to a simple webcam in an outdoor run.

‘Kittycam’ was installed last Thursday during a 24-hour staff innovation challenge by iiNet employees Sandy Lim and Nick Turner.

The webcam was promoted through social media sites Twitter and Facebook and went viral within hours, receiving more than 37,000 views until Sunday evening.

“We always knew our kittens were cute, but we never thought they would capture the hearts and minds of so many people,” Cat Haven spokesperson David Settelmaier said.

Matt Toohey, General Manager of Information Services at iiNet, said Kittycam had brought hours of entertainment to thousands of people around the country.

"It's fantastic to see something that started as a staff innovation project go above and beyond all our expectations and contribute to saving lives of many cats and kittens," he said.

The success of Kittycam led people to flock to Cat Haven on Saturday and Sunday, with 59 animals finding new homes.

“We are at the tail end of kitten season in Western Australia, so to record these kinds of numbers is nothing short of spectacular,” Mr Settelmaier said.

All up, 467 cats and kittens found a home this April, more than double the amount during the same month last year.

Cat Haven and iiNet are now seeking ways to make Kittycam a permanent feature at the Shenton Park shelter.

“We’re hoping Kittycam will help the cats in our care go to the wonderful homes they deserve,” Mr Settemaier said.

“We are blessed to be able to look after these animals, and we’re sure that they will enrich the lives of anyone who chooses to adopt from Cat Haven.”


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