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Our main logo is the visual anchor from which our brand identity is drawn, and is exempt from manipulation. More commonly referred to as the ii device, it should be presented as cleanly and effectively as possible, without exception.

At all times it's important to avoid distortion of the brand, as well as colour and manipulation and repositioning of core elements. Likewise, steer clear of introducing unauthorised elements to the brand.

As a general rule, for online distribution, the '.gif' images are suggested, while the '.eps' files are recommended for use with printed materials.

If you find yourself in doubt, be sure to contact

Your obligations

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We're happy for you to either electronically save or print out parts of this web site for your own information, research or study. However, you are not permitted to modify the ii logo device in any way from the form in which it appears on this web site. Any unauthorised copying, mirroring, storage or other unauthorised use is prohibited.

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