Customer Service Teams

Customer Service

Love customer service and love the internet? You’d be great for our support team. These are the peeps who help our customers out when they need a hand. You don’t need to speak geek either. We use good, old fashioned, down-to-earth language when we chat to our residential and business customers.


Got the gift of the gab and the integrity to match? You'd be ideal for our sales team. These guys and gals follow up sales leads and help prospective customers work out which of our products best suit them. Don't worry - our sales staff do absolutely no cold calling so we're free of those awkward 'why are you calling me' moments!


Next up is our service area – when the going gets tough, it’s this team who get thing's going. No problem is too big or small...from moving house to working with our wholesale providers to make sure the lines to our customer's houses are in tip-top condition – it's all part of a normal day for our service crew.

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Sky's the limit

If you decide to come work for us, you'll have the opportunity to grow. Our environment is fast moving and constantly changing, and we like our staff to grow with us.

Once you've jumped on board and settled in, your manager will work with you to plan your development. We have clear careers pathways for all our roles and structured training for many departments. We even send staff across the world (at least, to the parts of the world we have offices in).

Leo Yarnold
Senior Customer Service Representative

"Change is a constant at iiNet. With a fast-paced environment, you’ll never be bored as there is so much to learn!"

Some Hints from HR

We love short and sweet cover letters - just not Google ones.

Résumés longer than 4 pages make us go to sleep.

List your skills in experience order so it's easy to follow.

Got an interview? Here's how you impress us

  • Arrive 10 minutes early - give yourself some time to find us and get in the zone.
  • Dress for the job you want - our office dress code is business casual.
  • Be prepared to use examples in your interview - we want to know all about your skills and experience, how you've used them and what you've learnt along the way.
  • Don't forget, you're interviewing us too - so come armed with the questions you want the answers to.

Recruitment Process

So you've decided to apply, that's great news! Every application is viewed by human eyes, so don't be alarmed if you receive an email from us - we just like to make sure you know your application has been received.

We'll have a quick chat to you over the phone, spend some time face to face and do some reference checks. We're not analysing you in a Freudian kind of way, but all these steps combined helps us understand a little more about how you'll fit into the team. A police clearance certificate is also a must.

Don’t forget to inject your own personality in to your application, being different is what has made iiNet the company it is today. We value and celebrate diversity.